Astrology Reading in Sudbury MA

What is Astrology?

Fundamentally, astrology is the study of energy patterns.  It sounds fairly simple, but it is very complex. So many people discount astrology as a pseudo-science because so very few humans truly understand how to decipher the sky’s language.  Most people know their Sun sign, and many even know what their Sun sign traits are, but very few people understand that the Sun is just one piece of a very large puzzle. That’s where real astrology comes in.

Using your date, time, and place of birth, a good astrologer can see just about everything there is to see about who you are, what energy patterns have been present throughout your life, and the very purpose of your soul’s unique journey through this Earth school. Astrology is the multi-dimensional study of the path we chose to walk on during this incarnation by combining physics, basic geometry, psychology, and other behavioral sciences. As above, so below!

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astrology birth chart reading

What is a Birth Chart READING?

Picture a photo of the sky at the time of your birth – this is your birth chart. Your natal chart reveals the positioning of the planets, what Zodiac constellation they appeared to be in, and the positioning in the sky.

The sky divides into twelve sections – named houses. Each house represents certain themes. The Zodiac sign that falls at the beginning of each house dictates which themes you express. Additionally, each planet has specific qualities and characteristics that they rule and express with the sign that the planet follows.


Birth chart readings provide a map for validating your past, present, and future life journey. They can help provide a reflective lens to understanding yourself and others on a new plane. Natal charts also express possibilities, opportunities and often expose dormant talents. In many cases, we answer questions that you never knew you had!

A 2-hour birth chart astrology reading in Sudbury, MA is $325. Click Book Your Chart Reading for more details.

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astrology transit reading

What is a transit READING?

A transit reading compares your birth chart to what’s currently happening in the skies. At any given time, the planets are moving through your 12 houses, impacting certain areas of your life. As the planets move and change signs, they will form aspects of your natal planets. One such aspect is when a planet moves back into its position at the time of its birth. This process is called a “return.” Another aspect is called an opposition – when planets are in opposite zodiac signs creating a tug-of-war.


A transit reading can help make sense of what’s going on in your life and prepare you for both auspicious and potentially difficult times ahead.

A transit astrology reading in Sudbury, MA is $250. Click Book Now for more details.

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synastry astrology relationship reading

What is synastry or a relationship READING?

Curious to see how you and your partner align? Book a relationship reading (called synastry in astrology) to find out. The reading can be done individually (as long as you have your partner’s information) or together as a couple. This activity is a wonderful way to explore areas of ease and flow between partners, as well as areas of difficulty or tension.


When you attend a relationship astrology reading in Sudbury MA, you can enhance understanding and communication in a relationship by providing a shared language roadmap to understanding one another and the dynamics of the relationship. Valuable information pertaining to communication and chemistry serves as a valuable tool to ultimately bring partners closer together.

A 2-hour relationship reading is $325. Click Book Now for more details.
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