Neuro Light Therapy

What is Neuro Light Therapy?

Empower your brain

A Neuro Light experience can range from 11 minutes to 33 minutes. With over 100 specifically designed Light/Sound Brain Wellness compositions. It benefits anyone with a brain!


Neuroplasticity means your brain can always make new connections and keep learning.

The art & science of Mind/Brain Wellness has been growing steadily for over 50 years. Current neuroscientific understanding combined with the best cutting-edge technology makes it possible for every person to experience Total Brain Wellness.

Brain connections are made by exercise and activity and Just like the body, the brain is physical and does best with a balance of activity and rest.

There are three ways to increase the neuroplasticity connections in your brain:

  1. Motor exercise such as yoga and walking;
  2. Cognitive exercise such as new vocabulary and puzzles
  3. Sensory exercise such as Light/Sound Neuro Light experiences.

Benefits of Neuro Light Therapy Include:

  • Build new brain connections
  • Fortifying memory and concentration
  • Support aging brain
  • Improve sleep
  • Accelerated learning
  • Psychological and spiritual exploration
  • Promotes higher intelligence
  • Supports and challenges young minds
  • Reduce dependence habits
  • “Unlearning” emotional reactions to chronic pain
  • Learn to let go of anxiety and pain

The Neuro Light unites three proven creators of Wellness – Exercise, Nutrition & Learning – all focused directly to your brain.

brain gym

Brain Gym builds new brain connections and pathways with ingenious Light/Sound composition that exercise your brain via sensory pathways.

Brain Food feeds your brain it’s favourite food – LIGHT! The result is an impressive increase in actual mitochondrial / ATP energy which is fuel for all your brain functions.

Brain Skills

Brain Skills move your brain into new abilities as well as fortifying the skills that may be decreasing with age.

What Happens During A Neuro Light Therapy Session?

neuro light therapy

Choose a track from Brain Gym or Brain Skills based on your needs.

Brain Gym tracks are designed to increase new synaptic connections. Your brain has specialized teams ready to leap into action in a split second. They are your Brain Networks. Their job is to organize critical complex functions. In the course of life, these networks can weaken resulting in the loss of many key capabilities. The Network Reinforcements in the Brain Gym tune and fortify these special teams.

The Brain Gym includes an intelligent self-assessment to help guide you on your way. Think of choosing a class at the gym, what fits you best? Foundation. Intermediate. Advanced. You have the freedom to move up or down. It’s progressive and up to you.

The Brain Skills program features 80 specific training sessions. The 80 Brain Skills Training sessions are carefully divided into five themes – to make your life easier.

  1. Peace
  2. Cognition
  3. Mood
  4. Dependency
  5. Exploration

Integrated light and sound signals coax your brain into new responses related to various skills. As you then act out these responses in your daily life, they are reinforced until they become a natural expression of who you are and what you do.

Lay back, slip on your headphones, close your eyes and relax. Alluring sounds in harmony with stunning Light displays in your “mind’s eye” coax your brain into better and higher states of Total Brain Wellness.

Ready to Begin your Journey towards Total Brain Wellness?



Sessions range from $45 to $90 depending on the duration. Click BOOK NOW above for detailed pricing. 


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