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What is Integrative Life Coaching?

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Looking for a life coach in Sudbury MA? Life coaching is a process of collaborative discovery and development towards becoming a better version of yourself. You discover who you are. We help you identify and develop inner gifts and innate talents. You’ll learn how to build on dreams affected by years of emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, and mental chatter.

An integrative life coach helps you heal while empowering you to change your life with coaching tools, techniques, and action plans. Unlike traditional talk therapy, integrative life coaching (ILC) focuses on dynamic, conversational ways of influencing and guiding both your conscious and subconscious mind to bring about lasting and sustainable transformation.

The goal of Integrative Life Coaching is to fully equip and empower clients to make effective changes in their lives by guiding them to overcome core issues, develop personal action plans, and help them move effectively toward achieving their goals whilst holding them accountable through support and goal oriented tracking and guidance.

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Key Areas of Focus

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  • Gaining freedom from the past by learning how to reconsolidate memories and rewrite old programming
  • Priming the unconscious mind through language and environment
  • Self-directed neuroplasticity to learn how to rewire your brain
  • Rapid techniques to change emotions and eliminate cravings and compulsions
  • Anti-procrastination protocols for motivation and long-term goals
  • Learning how to neutralize triggers
  • Overcoming harmful habits and limiting beliefs
  • Reprogramming patterns that block fulfillment
  • Taking action to live the life you have always desired
  • Conscious/unconscious dissociation for problem solving efficiently and effectively


You will learn dynamic and conversational ways of influencing and guiding the unconscious mind for multi-level change work. This type of coaching is a blend of conversational hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and processes created from the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and embodied cognition.

Most life coaches focus on the rational, analytical, and very limited conscious mind. But most people know, consciously, what they “should” be doing. From the recent studies on the adaptive unconscious, we know that most issues are habituated patterns with roots in priming, cognitive biases, and conditioning. Integrative life coaching will teach you how to access and change these programs and rewire your brain effectively and efficiently to achieve lasting change. Thus, there is a strong focus on teaching clients to rewire their habituated patterns. These include thought, feeling, behavior, and memory reconsolidation to change early primes.

To facilitate great, sustainable change, you should address all levels of being through an integrative coaching model focused on an individual’s spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental holistic health.

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Spirituality: Spiritual awakening, awakening, awareness and connection to the universe/environment.

Emotional Health: Emotional stability, balance and relationship to self and others.

Mental Health: Self-perception and healthy thought patterning/habituation.

Physical Health: Eating habits, exercise and tangible things like career or finances.


This turbo-charged version of coaching, often coupled with hypnotherapy, enhances the traditional version of coaching by working at a deeper and more sustainable level and leverages the immense power of the subconscious mind. This form of coaching is comprehensive, collaborative, fun, and fascinating.

We do this by integrating the most current, cutting-edge research in neuroscience, epigenetics, and mind/body medicine to guide healing and trance-formation on the cognitive, emotional, biochemical, and energetic levels. By using many different healing modalities, powerful tools, and techniques, we will help you move from a status quo life to a life worth celebrating every day! Contact our life coach in Sudbury MA today.




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