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If you’re ready to open your third eye then we have the right crystals to help you on your journey. This guide will tell you everything you need to know and support you as you learn about using healing crystals for third eye chakra. Let’s take a deep dive into all of the information.

What Is the Third Eye Chakra?

Third Eye Ajna Chakra

Third Eye Ajna Chakra

The third eye chakra, referred to as Ajna in Sanskrit, is the 6th chakra. It can be found between your brow and is connected to the color indigo. It is the chakra of spiritual connections, awareness, and psychic intuition. When the third eye is activated and open you are noticeable more in tune with your 6th sense and have more foresight than ever before.

An unblocked third eye chakra, however, can lead to a variety of problems such as:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Pressure between your brows
  • Feeling confused 
  • Often deceived by illusions
  • Mental fog


Third Eye Chakra Crystals

To combat issues related to a blocked, underactive, or overactive third eye chakra there as several special crystals that you can use. Their mystical qualities have the power to solve problems in this area and improve your wellbeing. 

Amethyst for Third Eye Chakra

Amethyst is known for its remarkable ability to activate the third eye chakra. It can help you to tune into your intuition to psychic levels. By activating this chakra you can discover the depths of your spiritual gifts and understand who you are as an energetic being.

amethyst as Aquarius crystal

Amethyst Crystal for the Third Eye Chakra

One of the best ways of using amethyst is during meditation. Not only will it connect you with the divine through your third eye but it will also protect you against spiritual attacks. Its properties are like no other, we highly recommend this captivating crystal!


Blue Tiger’s Eye for Third Eye Chakra

Ward off the evil eye and keep yourself aligned with Blue Tiger’s Eye. Most people are familiar with the gold and red variety of Tiger’s Eye, however, the blue version is one that everyone should know about. This crystal will keep you safe and sound away from bad energy while energizing your third eye.

Its metaphysical properties can enhance your 6th sense and strengthen your ability to communicate with the spirit world. It is undeniably powerful, particularly when it is placed over your third eye. You can also pop it under your pillow and night to safeguard your dreams. 


Lepidolite for Third Eye Chakra


Lepidolite Crystal for the Third Eye Chakra

Using Lepidolite to open your third eye will connect you with the Divine Intelligence. Not only will you become more aware of your spiritual self in this physical world but you will transition into your higher self naturally and easily.

This is a special stone that can also calm an overactive third eye chakra. It’s worth keeping nearby if you want to interact with the universe and receive guidance from above. The more that you use this crystal the more blessings that are bound to come your way. Thank us later.


Black Obsidian for Third Eye Chakra

This highly conscious stone will give you the clarity that you need to decipher messages from the spirits. As it works with the third eye it will open the gateway to the invisible world and lift the veil between this world and the next. 

Use it to remove psychic smog from your aura and activate your third eye. It will help you to find the answers that you wish to hear and be guided by Source energy. Black Obsidian is a fantastic crystal to use when you are about to do spiritual work. 


Purple Fluorite for Third Eye Chakra

Purple Fluorite protects all aspects relating to your dreams. It will help you to decipher what they mean and keep evil away from you. Your third eye can be stimulated by this crystal which helps you to receive more of the benefits of this Purple Fluorite.

If you ever experience spiritual disharmony due to intensive meditation or other activities, this crystal will put you at ease. Be open to what this stone can bring and use it to improve your connection to your third eye. It is powerful and will change the way you work with the divine forces. 


Iolite for Third Eye Chakra

Iolite will help you to access a higher plane and move within the dimensions. As it corresponds with the third eye chakra, it can help you to visualize and receive intuitive insight. The power of this crystal is clear for all to see.

The amazing qualities of Iolite can enhance your third eye and heal any blockages that prevent you from working with spirit to your full capacity. Embrace its power and you will receive its benefits. Its clearing and activating properties are just what your third eye needs.


Labradorite for Third Eye Chakra

Polished Labradorite Crystal for Leo

Labradorite Crystal for the Third Eye Chakra

Bursting with a kaleidoscope of rainbow hues, Labradorite is beautiful both inside and out. Its protective spiritual properties make it a great stone to work with. It triggers responses in the third eye chakra and transforms its energy.

With its properties, you can nourish your third eye and stimulate positive vibrations to help it open. It is especially good if you want to find inspiration and explore the boundaries of your imagination. This crystal is easily one of the best crystals for your third eye.


Purple Sapphire for Third Eye Chakra

This crystal can provoke an awakening of your third eye. Purple Sapphire is also said to activate Kundalini energies from within, increasing your spiritual power as a result. This potent and powerful crystal is connected to magic and the wonders of the universe. 

As you use this crystal you will receive knowledge from the higher powers and understand more about your relationship to the divine. Any imbalances within your third eye will cease to exist as Purple Saphhire dissolves away any issues. The benefits of this crystal are endless.



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