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The holiday season is upon us, and decking the halls with festive decor is one of the best parts of spreading holiday cheer. But with so many different options to choose from, the possibilities for dressing your home for the season can be both overwhelming and confusing. But, with a bit of help from astrology, decorating your home with design inspiration from your zodiac sign will help you create the perfect seasonal sanctuary that suits your personality.

We reached out to experts across North America from Victoria, BC, to New York, NY, for their best tips on how to decorate your home with inspiration from the zodiac. Check out their tips on how you can incorporate Astrology into your holiday decor.

Display sentimental items

For Cancer, the phrase “home for the holidays” is quintessentially you. You have a strong emotional desire to nurture, feel emotionally connected, and be at home, surrounded by family this time of year. Decorate the house with reminders of the past, such as old family photos, children’s decorated ornaments, or grandma’s old cookie recipes this holiday season. –Path & Purpose

Appeal to the senses

Taurus is all about the senses. For Taurus, the stress of the holidays can be especially trying, so it’s important to make your home a sanctuary. Fragrant candles, cozy throw blankets, and a favorite comfy chair go a long way toward making a home Taurus will want to come home to. –Ada Pembroke

Look to the sign in your 4th house for decor inspiration

For example, a typical Taurus 4th house holiday decor would focus on holiday-related plants and animals. A Sagittarius 4th house could feature holiday decor traditions from other cultures.-Transmutation Astrology

Find inspiration from your moon sign to understand what makes you feel nurtured and safe

When integrating astrology into your home, most will immediately think of their sun (birthday) sign, but this luminary won’t tell you what makes you feel the most genuinely comfortable and supported. Study your moon sign to understand what makes you feel the most “at home.” Consider integrating blueish hues, art from waterscapes, and nautical patterns for moon signs in the water element (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). Moon signs in the air element (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) should contemplate infusing your home with cool tones, abstract art, and whimsy patterns. And if you have a moon sign in the fire element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), make your home feel more comforting with warm tones, bold art, and energizing patterns. Finally, if you have a moon sign in the earth element (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), integrate neutrals, earth tones, and artwork inspired by nature. -Haley Comet of Haley Comet Astrology

A decorative tree is a perfect way to infuse astrological elements into the holiday season

If you’re feeling crafty, use blank bulb ornaments and draw/paint astrological constellations on them. The designs are simplistic yet classy and perfectly suited for a rounded shape. Consider painting three constellations to represent your sun, moon, and rising sign – or 12 to represent the entire zodiac which is a meaningful way to pay homage to the year that’s closing and the new cycle on the way. –Spiral Sea Tarot

Opt for seasonal accents that speak to your sign

Fiery Aries decorates the fireplace and likes to keep a log burning during cold winter nights. Taurus likes to decorate with a Victorian touch, using deep colors and velvet Santas. Gemini has a Christmas train. Cancer decorates using family heirlooms, and Leo uses fantastic light displays. Virgo has fake presents under the tree while Libra decorates with family pictures that include everyone and sends out a family Christmas card. Scorpio decorates with a “Nightmare Before Christmas” or Grinch theme. Sagittarius has an inflatable Santa on the roof. Capricorn dresses the house with natural fragrances using Popurrí and freshly cut wreaths. Aquarius is multi-cultural and will use different cultural themes and maybe even decorate using blue lights. Pisces celebrates the snowy season with happy snowmen, a snow-flocked Christmas tree, and their favorite Christmas sweater. –Psychic Stina

Holiday Decor for Your Zodiac

Find holiday decor inspiration from the four elements

The Fire signs love candlelight and firelight. These represent their element and provide the romance, warmth, and dramatic ambiance they want to experience with others. Strings of miniature white lights hung along crown molding provide plenty of light to live by in the winter months.

The Earth signs appreciate the grounding energy of plants. Like water, earth signs feel comforted by a connection to the past. Taurus has good taste, while Virgo and Capricorn are practical, so decor should be classic and respectful of tradition. Christmas cacti, cyclamen, and poinsettias should grace the corners of rooms.

The Air signs are brilliant at applying quirky, charming touches. Hang glittery ornaments or small origami birds from light fixtures and window frames. Libra likes pastels, but Gemini and Aquarius prefer vivid hues and neons.

The Water signs like reflective surfaces, beautiful containers, and serving dishes, and sentimental reminders of holidays past. Antique ornaments should be prominently displayed, and a water fountain or fish tank provides the soothing touch these sensitive signs need during hectic holidays. –Astromythic Astrology

Incorporate decor that aligns with your personality

Home holiday decorating by zodiac elements is quick and easy inspirational fun. Earth signs enjoy being surrounded by nature with warm and woodsy foliage placed throughout the home, while Air signs’ eyes will sparkle with hanging lights and garland hung on the tree or from ceilings and walls. Well-placed candles or a festive lit fireplace will mesmerize Fire signs; similarly, merry ice crystals or decorative snow will stir feelings of holiday joy for Water signs. –Trudy Carol

Holiday Decor for Your Zodiac

Bring it all home with festive holiday decor catered for each zodiac sign

Aries are passionate, adventurous, and confident, and they live to start new things and lead. These fiery rams would be delighted to see bright, shiny, and bold decorations throughout their homes.

The cautious, conservative, and steadfast Taurus love to create a stable and sustainable life for themselves and their families. So, at holiday times, they lean towards the more traditional approach. However, classic doesn’t have to mean ordinary – find decor items with a unique twist.

Gemini’s are witty thinkers who love to talk, adapt and multitask. Life is never dull with these extraverts around, so with the holidays approaching, you can twin these folks up with a beautiful advent calendar.

Our intuitive, compassionate, and observant Cancer friends are always the first to offer kind words and deeds of support. An attractive golden Christmas tree decoration reflects the crab’s spirit by making everyone who comes to their door feel welcome.

Leos are natural leaders renowned for their stability, loyalty, strength, and consistency. If you’re looking to shop for the lion in your life, then go no further than these Christmas greeting banners or this tree of life menorah.

Virgos are quick thinkers, organized, and are graced with infinite kindness. Because they are quick to attend to every little detail, they would enjoy the intricacy of cast iron branch mantle stocking holders or an olive branch Star of David ornament.

The scales of justice fit our Librans quite nicely, as they are always seeking to attain balance and harmony within themselves and with every person they hold dear. Find a vintage scale and decorate it with some candles and garland of your choice.

The Scorpios are profound thinkers, secretive, and passionate. These mysterious people like to keep out of the public eye and always look for the deeper meaning of things. Why not get them some blue and white Chinoiserie to decorate their house with?

The Sagittarians hunger for knowledge and exploration is ferocious. And when they return from their adventures, these fiery archers will enlighten your holiday evenings with entertaining tales.

Capricorns are ambitious and hard-working folk. But the enterprising minds of our half-goat, half-fish brethren still have a fondness for tradition.

The Aquarians are self-reliant, clever, and creative. These water bearers always see the cup as half-full, so having these natural wood chalices to hand is essential when they wish to toast their family and friends. Pisces are sensitive, graceful, and filled with emotions; they are the original empath. Since our water-loving fish friends are determined to ensure the happiness of everyone around them, all they need to do is hang a sea glass garland in their home to put a smile on anyone’s face. –EveryBody in Mind Wellness Center

Originally published by Redfin