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Fortune teller. Spirit Worlds. Mystical. While you might have this pre-conceived idea of a psychic medium looking at crystal balls and communicating with the dead, we’ll get you insider info about what it’s actually about.

Yes, we have our in-house psychic medium, Erica Lee to answer some of the questions you might have about this experience.

Hear it from our medium, Erica Lee Medium, as featured in 9 countries on the Travel Channel!

Erica’s a natural medium from birth. Her psychic capacities and verified ability to communicate with loved ones passed to the afterlife were evidenced as early as age five. This started with receiving specific and accurate information about, and from her Dad’s departed parents.

At the outset, she was heartily encouraged to suppress and stymie the gift by some. Yet, on the other hand, others heartily encouraged her to cherish and nurture and appreciate the gift. Still, some family members were neutral, and others felt scared.

Eventually, Erica made every effort to block this innate ability. She was never successful in blocking it entirely, and the psychic and medium messages kept steadily arriving.  Through this natural tension of trying to block what was a reflexive instinct that refused to be completely subdued, the natural talent became automatically refined with use and time.

Engaging in extensive tutelage with renowned mediums internationally, she sought to harness and enhance the inherent aptitude to the greatest extent possible.  From giving thousands of readings and participating in university-funded scientific studies all over the world to appearing on an international television show, The Travel Channel, she loves what she does.

And Erica confessed, “I’m one of the lucky ones who didn’t have to find my work as it truly found me and was with me from the get-go.”

What is a psychic medium?

A psychic medium is a person who has effectively harnessed their innate capacity to functionally communicate with unseen energies, relaying information and messages obtained using their (varied, but usually combined) extended senses and perceptive resources.

This includes relaying specific and verifiable information about persons and situations unknown to them, and most particularly, messages from loved ones who are no longer with us in the physical world.

What’s it like being a psychic medium?

I have previously at times alternated between considering it a gift or an onus, and indeed it can be both. The great rewards of healing, closure, freedom, and joy experienced by many recipients of messages are truly gratifying.

I think because in my case it’s been a lifelong experience for over 30 years, I have sort of amalgamated it into my overall personality in a very natural, if not automatic way. This gives it a spontaneous and organic quality. And I hardly separate it from who I am, partly because I barely can!

Having said that, I am also truly as much the girl next door as any girl next door. We all have our unique qualities and our universal experiences.

At the end of the day, there is more that unites us than divides us, and connecting spiritually in any form should if anything teach us this.  One thing is for sure, every day is different, and it is never boring!  I love that!

Being a medium influences everything in my life, but also, everything in my life influences my being a medium!

What is an empathic psychic medium?

An “empathic psychic medium” is not, in fact, a particular designation.  It’s an added description.

To elaborate, you can be an empath, and a psychic medium, so perhaps, if you’ve heard the term “empathic psychic medium” this is indicating that the medium in question is a psychic medium who’s also an empath, or receives their information in an empathic way.  Empathic is an added adjective to illustrate a manner in which that particular “empathic” psychic medium receives information.

It is vitally important to note, that not all empaths are mediums; and not all mediums are empaths.

Being an empath is also not the same as being a psychic; all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums; whereas not all mediums are empaths and not all empaths are mediums (or psychic).  “Empathic” just reflects being an “empath” which comes from the root word “empathy.”

As such, it is based on sensing feelings, and particularly emotional feelings.  When choosing between a “psychic medium” and an “empathic psychic medium,” REMEMBER: the “empathic” does not add extra to the quality or capacity of the medium. It merely is an added descriptor, and not necessarily an additional skill or talent.

Take a clarifying example. You can have a “little dress” or you can have a “little black dress.” The black color is an additional adjective just like the word empathic is.

What is the difference between a psychic medium and a spiritual medium?

There is no material difference between spiritual mediums and psychic mediums, as all mediums are psychic, and all mediums connect to the Spirit world.

Anyone designated with the term medium, in addition to being a psychic, has the added ability to be able to connect to loved ones in Spirit.

Whether someone is designated simply a MEDIUM, or a psychic medium, or a spiritual medium, or an empathic psychic medium, or a clairvoyant spiritual medium, or a Celtic medium or a cowboy medium, or any practitioner affixing the prefix medium: this indicates that person’s capacity to communicate with individuals no longer with us in the physical body.  (NOTE: That’s repetitive; but bears repeating, as I hope it illustrates the distinction and the point.)

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

A psychic is a psychic and a medium is both a psychic and a medium.

A psychic receives information through means beyond their natural everyday senses. A medium uses psychic abilities (to receive information through means beyond their natural everyday senses) to connect to and communicate with and receive messages from beyond.

All mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums.

How do you do a psychic reading?

To prepare yourself for a reading, come with an open mind and heart! It’s an organic, natural process where we use all perceptive faculties to connect to resources available to you and for your greatest benefit.

To facilitate this, bring your open awareness and sense of possibility. It’s expansive and enlightening and healing and helpful!

If I don’t want the auto mechanic to fix my car, he simply won’t be able to do it, since I can easily prevent him. And frankly, he would have zero personal incentive or interest to do so, without my desire and allowance of it. Everyone can receive a reading, but everyone must be receptive. It’s all about the intention.

 Who would you recommend a psychic reading to?

I would definitely recommend a psychic medium session to anyone who has curiosity, openness, grief, or interest. Sessions can be very healing and provide closure in the cases of grief especially. But, they are amazingly awakening for anyone who has a natural sensibility for the supernatural.

You can also go for a psychic reading if you want to deepen or explore your innate spiritual nature.

Many people have found me because they were simply seeking guidance. Whether that’s guidance with a personal challenge, a soul purpose, a relationship or a crossroads, or any other reason; often individuals seeking guidance arrive at my door. What they often find is transformative enough to shift their awareness of life, of themselves, and of the deeper nature of all things.

Additionally, current information will very often come through psychically and from Spirit. So, you will often find yourself also receiving suggestions and support in your everyday current life. You’d get ideas on how to best sail your ship in your current season. This can be useful for anyone!

Whether you need a psychic reading or a spirit guide, Erica’s here to help.

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