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In today’s stressful world, we can’t stress how helpful being attuned with yourself can be for you! So, here’s a powerful resource about research-backed health benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

But before we get into those, let’s answer one important question first:

What’s the difference between meditation and mindfulness?

While these terms seem interchangeable, there are significant distinctions. According to meditation teacher Kathryn Remati, mindfulness is being aware of our outer life while meditation is giving attention to our inner life.

On the other hand, you could also look at meditation as a more formal practice or training so that you become more mindful. As you meditate, you pay attention to what’s happening in and around you—and thus become more present.

By the way, we could also combine the two and have mindfulness meditation. This meditation practice teaches you to slow down hurried thoughts, relax your body, and calm your mind.

You become more conscious and accepting of your thoughts and feelings. Moreover, observe them without judging them as good or bad.

Health Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness

There’s an enormous amount of research that shows why meditation and mindfulness are good for your emotional and physical health. But, we’re going to highlight some that might make you start chanting “om….” NOW.

Meditation may boost your immunity

In 2012, a randomized controlled trial showed that practicing mindfulness through meditation reduced the severity of acute respiratory infection (ARI) more significantly than the group who exercise and those that didn’t do any of the two. Amazing, right?

Also, mindfulness stress reduction and meditation can keep the T lymphocyte count up. They are immune response cells that help our bodies fight infection and cancer.

Meditation reduces anxiety

A 2012 systematic review involving about 2,500 participants showed that practicing meditation consistently was effective in reducing anxiety.

Meditation keeps your heart healthy

In the same year, a long-term study published in the American Heart Association (AHA) journal found out that African-Americans practicing meditation cut their risk of having a hard attack by a whopping 48 percent!

Imagine that! Meditation can really save your life.

Meditation can improve your sleep

With the worries the current COVID-19 pandemic has brought us, sleep may be elusive these days. But thankfully, research has shown that mindfulness-based therapy along with stress reduction techniques was successful in treating insomnia experienced by older adults. They fell faster and longer compared to those who didn’t meditate.

Mindfulness meditation can slow down the cell-aging process

In our bodies, telomere or the protective ends of chromosomes are key determinants in cell aging. Telomere length shows cellular longevity. Short telomeres are linked to exposure to chronic stress and may lead to cognitive decline.

In a remarkable study done in 2011, scientists concluded that meditation can indeed slow down the rate of cellular aging by keeping a positive state of mind and balancing hormonal factors.

By the way, there are also many incredible benefits of meditation and mindfulness for kids. Primarily, it can lower their stress levels, increase their attention span, and improves their emotional regulation.

Wellness Technology at Everybody In Mind

Now, we’d like to let you in on some of the high-tech wellness technology available at our wellness center. Each can help towards attaining your overall wellbeing.

Somadome Meditation Pod

Imagine a soft, comfy, and secluded capsule where you can just lie and meditate in peace — this is the Somadome meditation pod.

This high-tech personal sanctuary also includes color therapy that improves your intuition, binaural beats that enhance your memory and focus, and microcrystalline tiles which can make you feel calm and connected.

Somadome Meditation Pod Sudbury Massachusetts

Crystal Bed Therapy

If you want crystals to help cleanse your energetic field while meditating, try our Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed.

This crystal bed is similar to the one invented by John of God but has a more advanced system.

Here are some of its featured modalities: the 7 Vogel-cut quartz crystals realign your chakras (your body’s main energy systems), soothing binaural sounds, LED lights, and chromatography to alleviate distressing symptoms.

With your intention in place, the UV laser, magnetic energy, and scalar energy also work together to improve circulation and stamina.

Crystal Bed Therapy


This 5-step meditation system helps your brain let go of old patterns and adopt new ones. It highlight’s our brain’s neuroplasticity or ability to form new synaptic connections for learning.  Moreover, it incorporates facets to neuroscience and meditation to come up with a whole-brain engagement in dealing with life.

Ajna Light

This innovative device developed in 2014 involves flickering LED lights at certain frequencies that bring the brain into meditative trance states.

Craniosacral Diamond Matrix Therapy

Another relaxing treatment involves gentle finger pressure at specific spots on the body to help address chronic migraines, post-traumatic stress disorder, and chronic pain. You could also have this to help reduce your stress level.

So, how do you practice mindfulness?