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Can Tarot cards predict love in your future? Or help you find love?

Read on to know whether or not tarot reading can help you with your love life.

But first, the basics.

Tarot Reading: A Quick Background

Back in the 16th century, tarot reading was just a parlor game. Today, it’s a popular divination tool people use to ask for guidance about life, love, and everything in between. According to a 2018 dissertation, tarot readers aim to help other people gain validation and insights.

A typical tarot card deck has 78 cards. If you’re not sure which one to use in doing a reading for yourself or a friend, go for one that speaks to you.

During a reading, the person asking for a reading (querent) shuffles and cuts the deck. Then he or she asks a question or sets an intention and pulls one or more cards. There are many card layouts or tarot spreads used during a reading. 

These are just a few tarot reading basics you need to know. If you have questions such as, “   How does tarot reading work?“ or “ Is there a difference between in-person and online tarot?” you can read the answers here.

For now, we’ll focus on tarot cards and love.

Can Tarot Cards Predict Love?

While tarot cards can’t perfectly predict love in your life, they might be able to help you gain insights so you can improve your current and navigate your future love relationships. Moreover, it can help deepen your understanding of yourself and how you perceive love.

Speaking of which, here are some “love cards” you’ll find in your tarot deck.

can tarot cards predict love

The Lovers

This card, The Lovers card, stands for harmony and can indicate that someone is physically or emotionally interested in you if it appears in a spread or layout of cards.

the lovers tarot card to predict love

The Lovers tarot card to predict love.

Two of Cups Tarot Card to Predict Love

While the Lovers card is often seen as a card about romantic love, it can also frequently be about divine partnership. This can be a partnership in any capacity, including inside yourself. It is the indication of the balance and power that comes when we embrace divine masculine energies and divine feminine energies. Both exist in ourselves and the world around us.

However, if you are looking for the relationship card, it is often, by most tarot readers, known to be the Two of Cups. The Two of Cups shows us balance, cooperation, and nurturing in relationships. It is two people intimately yet respectfully interacting with each other. It also shows how deeply healing a healthy relationship can be. And when it comes up in a reading, it often means a healthy relationship is near.

What does Emmy Mathis, our in-house tarot reader, have to say about Two of Cups as a card to predict love?

Emmy Mathis says, “I often get asked, ‘how do I know when I am in a healthy relationship?.’ And for some reason, the Two of Cups always makes me think of the remarkable difference between non-violent communication and gaslighting. Gaslighting is a form of controlling and abusive communication. It includes techniques like blame, shame, pain, denial, defensiveness, and minimization. Non-violent communication involves being receptive, open, and mirroring back what we are hearing and naming when we are feeling triggered and need a break.”

Two of Cups says: I hear you, I see you; what strategies can we use to meet both of our needs? How can we grow as individuals and as a couple? What would allow us to embody the difference between codependency and co-regulation? How can we be our best selves and heal and grow? And when the Two of Cups comes in a reading, it is a sign that a romantic relationship is nearby.

the two of cups tarot card to predict love

The Two of Cups tarot card to predict love.

The Hermit 

The Hermit card doesn’t mean that you will never find true love or have a happy marriage. It merely suggests that more emotional growth is necessary before true love may be found. It means that while waiting, you may experience feelings of loneliness. But this challenging time can also make room for emotional maturity, which can lead to the discovery of love.

The Hermit tarot card to predict love

The Hermit tarot card to predict love.

The Three of Swords 

This card signifies sadness, suffering, or for some, grief. Although a tarot reader might interpret it as heartache, it might also refer to a person (a third party) who is actively involved in upsetting an existing couple’s relationship. It suggests that a break should be taken before trying to find a new relationship in the event that a breakup is imminent (something a person frequently senses before a reading).

Three of Swords Tarot Card to Predict Love

Three of Swords Tarot Card to Predict Love

According to Emmy Mathis, our in-house tarot card reader, “Although though the three of swords is often the card of heartache, and sometimes can imply some form of pain or disservice and a type of love triangle, in readings, I often like to reframe the three of swords as a call for healing. Most often in readings with me, this card will indicate that you were emotionally wounded. That wounding was real, and many people in your life, including you, believe that you should be “over it” by now. But you aren’t.”

The Three of Swords’s Deeper Meaning

The Three of Swords looks like puncture wounds. And what do we know about puncture wounds? You don’t take out what’s impaled you if you aren’t close to a hospital! If I’m in the middle of the woods, and a stick goes through my arm, I’m not going to pull the stick out. Just like I wouldn’t pull the nail or screw out of my tire. The object that is causing the wound is actually putting pressure on the injury and holding it together, more so than if it were to be removed. In many situations, it’s actually quite dangerous to take out the impaled object.

But what the Three of Swords tells us is that you didn’t heal fully because you couldn’t. This is a wound you need help healing from. Three of Swords is a reminder and an invitation to see that you are close enough to help to heal. You have the support in your life now to slowly start to remove those swords from your heart. And no one gets to tell you how fast to take them out. But it is time to start taking them out with the help of your surrounding support system.

the three of swords deeper meaning

The Ten of Swords 

Like the 3 of Swords, this card can indicate a range of unfavorable feelings about a potential or existing relationship. These feelings may be sadness, suffering, or even grief. Depending on how it is interpreted, it may potentially signify infidelity or signal the end of a relationship.

Ten of Swords Tarot Card to Predict Love

Ten of Swords Tarot Card to Predict Love

The Ten of Cups

The ten of cups card is frequently interpreted as representing stability and dedication. This Minor Arcana card represents living happily ever after with friends and family. In addition, it could also mean reunions or family gatherings in case you’ve been away from your loved ones

Ten of Cups Tarot Card to Predict Love

Ten of Cups Tarot Card to Predict Love

The Empress

The Empress is a card that suggests marital contentment. Since this card represents motherhood, it can also mean marriage, pregnancy, or a new family. 

So, if you’re still wondering, “Can Tarot Cards predict love?” The answer isn’t absolute but they can certainly help.

the empress tarot card to predict love

The Empress tarot card to predict love.

Insights from our In-House Tarot Card Reader, Emmy Mathis


Emmy Mathis – Reiki Master and Teacher

I often tell this short story when I’m beginning readings with newer clients: When I was in undergrad, back in the year 2000 (which I will never be able to say normal again, thanks to Conan O’Brien), my abnormal psych professor told me that when we are young, our caregivers act like mirrors of who we are, and we look to them to help us understand ourselves as individuals. Quite often, because of societal circumstances, generational trauma, and caregivers with a LOT of unmet needs, the mirrors that our caregivers use to reflect back on us are warped, which causes us to have a warped image of ourselves.

And so, with tarot, I like to offer clients a mirror that is not warped, a mirror that is straight and clear. A mirror that says: hey, you are amazing, yes, there are things to work on, but nobody is perfect, yet we are all divine. And here are some tools to see yourself better with. This is so that you will know, without a doubt, when you are in relationships with folks who are offering you a straight mirror, one that receives and loves you fully, or if they are showing up with a warped mirror, one that does not reflect the truth. And the truth is that you are a divine being, worthy of love, of being loved and held fully.

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