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Crystal Bed Reiki—two powerful healing modalities rolled into one. 


Well, we have our in-house Reiki Master Susan Clark to answer your biggest questions and share more about this one-of-a-kind treatment. 

A Reiki Master of Masters and certified yoga instructor, Susan has been practicing reiki since 2012 to help manage her chronic illness. And even though she was in the medical field and had access to the greatest care in Boston, she felt like a piece of her well-being was missing. 

Reiki was that missing piece— it helped her to take control of her destiny.

Also, it gave her peace of mind since she was able to play an active role in her own health. She was able to contribute to her well-being, and not just rely on doctors, hospitals, and tests. 

What is Crystal Bed Reiki?

The Crystal Bed Reiki is an alternative wellness approach to energy healing. 

The Crystal Bed is designed to work with the chakras primarily to help balance and heal and allow the chakras to work all together in alignment. And Reiki is well known also as a tool to balance and heal chakras.

So when you combine the two of them together, it gets quick results. Also, gets to the root of emotional, physical, and spiritual issues that the clients might be looking to heal.

What happens during a typical Crystal Bed Reiki session? Is there any preparation involved?

During a typical 60-minute session, you lay down on the crystal bed with Vogel-cut quartz crystals. And then we pull the crystal chakra lights over and they are clear quartz, and they have specific colors and frequencies that match the chakras that come over the body. 

Once you’re on the table and in position, I then use Reiki to access and help move the energy so that way, each chakra can be healed and balanced appropriately.

Susan performing Crystal Bed Reiki

What might you feel during a session? 

Coming from the Reiki side of things, you’re likely to feel the warmth coming from my hands. I use a light touch, or even just hovering my hands above the chakras so you’re likely to feel waves of energy moving through, and sometimes tingling. 

Everybody is different, and we experience energy differently. But most people will report feeling warm from my hands, and an overall sense of calm and peacefulness.

Are there contraindications or side effects?

It’s always good to check if you’re concerned. But there are no contraindications. 

Reiki utilizes universal lifeforce energy. And that’s just all the energy that’s around us day to day.

And as a Reiki practitioner, I channel that energy and it’s really up to the cells and the individual that’s receiving the Reiki to how much they absorb. 

So it’s not me, giving my energy to anybody or taking anything away from anybody.  It’s all universal lifeforce energy, which sometimes is referred to as prana or chi. It’s all the good energy in the universe. 

What are the biggest benefits of Crystal Bed Reiki?

Definitely stress relief. Relief from minor aches and pains. It’s helpful in healing past trauma and blocked chakras. 

Crystal Bed Reiki can help in moving people forward in their life path or finding their purpose. 

Plus, helps to clear the mind so if there’s any decision or anything that you’re looking to find clarity on, it helps to elicit the relaxation response and get people into the state of mind where they can live their best life.

How many sessions should I have to notice the benefits? 

I definitely recommend that when you first start doing Reiki, commit to 3 or 4 sessions, or maybe even more, because we’ve built up such resistance to mindfulness and peacefulness in our chakras. So it takes more than just one session to right the ship if you will. 

I do recommend that clients come maybe once a week or every other week, for a short time and then space it out on an as-needed basis. 

And then also, we also offer classes and Reiki that if people want to continue to work on their health and wellness on their own on a daily basis, I do teach Reiki one and Reiki two, and teach different classes on how to do Reiki for yourself.

Who would you recommend Crystal Bed Reiki to?

I would recommend it to anybody who might be feeling stuck or doesn’t have a clear direction on where they want to go. Next, I would recommend anybody who’s going through any physical ailments that they want to have a 360° approach where it’s just not Western medicine. They’re able to take into account the day-to-day stressors that might also be contributing to back pain, hip pain, or digestive issues. 

I would recommend it to anybody that has any stress in their life, and who wants to be able to release that stress in a healthy way.

So, if you’re ready to take charge of your health and your life, do book a Crystal Bed Reiki session with us at Everybody in Mind Wellness Center.

Note: This post is for educational purposes only and not medical advice.