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There’s probably a few times before you’ve listened to your gut—that tingling sensation that tells you whether or not something’s off. And this saved you. Your intuition is pretty powerful! So, to help you improve, we’re sharing some easy psychic exercises you can use.

But before diving in, let’s first talk about the value of intuition in our daily lives.

Why is Intuition Important?

Intuition shows up in your consciousness without much thought or deliberation. It’s not a magical ability, but rather a capability whereby the subconscious and unconscious mind quickly sorts through prior experience and accumulated knowledge to make a hunch.

Many experts believe that intuition is formed through unconscious situational pattern recognition. For instance, you’ve been driving for years in your city. So, when your friend asks you how long it usually takes to go from your place to the office during rush hour, you already know. 

Should you take the bus or the train at 7:10 am? Your intuition tells you which will get you there faster at that time.

Intuition is very important because it allows you to respond quickly compared to rational deliberate thinking. It’s especially helpful when you’re in a dangerous field of work like fighting fires, chasing criminals, or saving lives when every second counts. 

Indeed, good intuition gives you an edge in your personal and professional life. Using intuitive decision-making skills can allow you to go with the changing times, like many successful people do. 


Psychic Exercises You Can Try

While some people may be more intuitive than others, research shows intuition may improve with practice. 

You can go through this list of psychic exercises and have better intuition in no time!


Keeping a journal that’s focused on how you use your intuition can be a good exercise. You can either use a physical journal or even just the notepad function on your phone.

In your journal, pay attention to the times you used or ignored your intuition. Did you have a feeling? Or a sense of something? Was your intuition right?

For instance, you can feel for who’s calling or texting before answering and just notice if your intuition came through for you. You might notice yourself saying, “I knew it was you even before I picked up the phone.” Or maybe even try to predict the next scene in a movie you’re watching.

Practice Reading Other People

Have you ever looked or glanced at someone and instantly know something about them, even without them telling you? And it turned out that you were right? This means you were able to read them.

Reading people means noticing the little things like their posture, voice, gestures, or even just their mood. Start reading people you know before moving on to strangers.

Besides making your intuition better, being able to read people can help you approach people at the right time, whether at work or in your personal life. 

Do a Tarot Reading on Yourself

Another good way to develop your intuition is to use Tarot and oracle cards. 

Find a card deck that speaks to you and use it. Then pull a card or two everyday. Before looking at the meaning, focus on the card and notice what inkling it stirs up in your mind, maybe a sense, a feeling, or even words that appear in your consciousness. You can even write your observations in your journal.


Meditation has a lot of wonderful benefits, including improving your intuition. Meditating regularly brings a receptive and relaxed awareness in the form of alpha brain waves. These brain waves help you learn better, be more creative, and attune to your feelings and those of others, strengthening your intuitive muscles.

You can meditate to communicate with your spirit guide to take it a step further. Slow down, connect, and ask these invisible but palpable beings for help with the challenges you’re facing. In this regard, you may also want to know more about spiritual counseling.

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