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Do you know how some people just exude a certain vibe? Like there’s a certain brightness or a special quality that emanates from them, their aura. And amazingly, you can actually capture this with aura photos.

We’re going to talk about that but we’ll first discuss how aura photos came to be.

History of Aura Photography

Aura photography became trendy back in the 1980s when an engineer named Guy Coggins, founder of the Progen Company, introduced the AuraCam 3000 to the public. This camera could translate someone’s aura into portraits.

Back then energy healing and crystal healing were also popular and so Guy and his team decided to dive into this new-age technology as well. Now this kind of technology was based on Kirlian photography or electrophotography which uses film on top of a conducting plate and another conductor connected to the hand.

In 1979, Stanley Rippler shared in the Journal of the American Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine that Kirlian photography, when controlled, may be used to assess various emotional conditions or early symptoms of diseases.

How to Capture Aura Photos

There are a few different technologies available today to capture aura photographs and they all use hand sensors. Interestingly, they can also capture other metrics like energy, relaxation, and chakra levels.

Inside the camera, there are light sensors that produce a unique myriad of colors depending on the electrical impulses you’re radiating at that moment.

Aura portraits are cool and interesting showing a halo-like mixture of vivid colors. And this is brought about by a 10-second double exposure that initially takes the portrait followed by the person’s aura.

This kind of photo is influenced by how you’re feeling at a given moment. This means your aura photo can change depending on your mood, and so, maybe 20 minutes later, the colors would be different.

What’s an Aura anyway?

Well, an aura is a spiritual energy field surrounding a living creature. It’s the Greek word for “breeze” which speaks for our vibe, mood, or feelings.

In alternative medicine, your aura can give clues to your state of health, usually associated with energy centers or chakras.

Aura Report

Aura Report Output

Understanding Aura Colors and their Meanings

And here comes the fun and exciting part.

Did you know that the various colors of your aura have different meanings? And even where the arura is located can imply certain things?

Let’s find out, shall we?

But do take note that the interpretation may change depending on the aura photographer you’re working with.


The color red indicates that you have a dominant and powerful personality. That you live in the present and your senses are fully in touch with your physical world.  You find that you do your best work when you are independent and have great personal freedom.


With the color of the sacral chakra, people who exude this color love seeking pleasure and interacting with other people. They’re confident, ambitious, and creative too.


Yellow auras suggest that you are joyful, optimistic, and easy-going. This color also reflects your intellect and a strong sense of self.


People radiating blue in their aura photos are gifted with self-expression. Moreover, they listen to their intuition and love sharing their wisdom with others.


Those who emit green auras are natural healers. They love being around nature and taking care of others.


Indigo auras suggest that you are sensitive and caring, you speak from the heart and express your inner feelings with love and passion.


Violet is for those who are wise, spiritual, and in tune with themselves

Where these auras are found are also important. When the color is found at your center it represents your basic nature and personality at its deepest level. The color around your head represents your mental activity and around your feet reflects your foundation and the best ways to ground. The color on your left indicates the nature of the energy flowing into you and the color on your right represents the energy your express and that others feel coming off of you.

aura photography

Aura Photography

Where to Take Aura Photos

Curious what your aura looks like in a photo?

Feel free to book a session here. You’ll get a vivid aura portrait and a detailed aura reading.

Each aura photography session usually takes 10 to 20 minutes. As for the reading, you’ll receive a 14-page report via email so you can know more about your aura.