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Have you ever wondered about healing crystals? Maybe you’re interested in using them but don’t know where to start. Well, we’ve come up with this quick guide to healing crystals to cover the basics.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing involves using crystals on or around the body to draw out negative energy which can cause disease. At the same time, positive energy flows into the body to help it heal naturally.

Crystals have been fascinating people since ancient times. These precious stones embody spirituality, healing, energy, and even for some, magic as they allow you to tap into your own intuition, empowering you to be an active partner in your health and wellbeing.

Several philosophies, such as the Chinese concept of chi (or Qi) and the Hindu concept of chakras, incorporate crystal use for healing and nourishment.  EveryBody In Mind Wellness Center also incorporates crystal healing in our service offerings with our most sought after resource being our Quantum Resonance 7 Chakra Crystal Bed with 7 Vogel-cut chakra crystals to clear energy blocks. We also offer Reiki healing sessions that can integrate crystal healing techniques.

crystal bed therapy

Quantum Resonance 7 Chakra Crystal Bed

Which Crystals Are Good for Healing?

Our Earth provides us with over 5000 different minerals so figuring out where to start your crystal healing journey can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, we are identifying 12 popular crystals for you to start with. Let us know if you want more information and if you would be interested in a crystal healing class. As you read on and learn about these crystals, you will come to realize that some Zodiacs will find increased benefits from their characteristics. Visit our Blog for more details on which crystals are best suited for your Zodiac.

Rose Quartz

This pink stone, nicknamed the love crystal, can help you recover from emotional pain and disappointment. It’s pretty useful for people under the zodiac signs Taurus, Cancer and Libra. Check out our amazing astrologer, Allison Chamberlain Jones to learn more about the connection of crystals to astrology.

rose quartz crystal

Rose Quartz


Welcome warmth, optimism, success, and joy with this yellow-colored crystal. Also, consider this for strengthening digestion and promoting physical endurance.

People under the following zodiac signs would especially benefit from Citrine: Aries, Libra, Gemini, and Leo.

citrine crystal


Clear Quartz

Regarded as the stone of power, clear quartz helps harmonize all of your chakras to bring balance. Moreover, it can help you get crystal clear on your personal vision and how to achieve them.

By the way, healing crystal is good for all zodiac signs.

clear quartz crystal

Clear Quartz

Black Tourmaline

This healing crystal has protective powers against toxic negative energy. In addition, you can count on it to boost metabolism and enhance circulation.

Also known as Sri Lankan magnet, it’s great for Libras, Capricorns, and Scorpios.

black tourmaline crystal

Black Tourmaline


If you’re feeling anxious, you might want to have hematite in your hand. It can calm and ground your energy. Plus, it helps with focus and memory.

People with the zodiac signs Aries, Aquarius, Cancer, and Taurus would love this healing crystal.


Celestine or Celestite

Sometimes known as celestite, this healing crystal is associated with spirituality and divinity. Some people use celestite to remember their dreams. Physically, it’s good for the throat and pituitary gland.

If you’re born under Cancer and Gemini, celestine complements your zodiac sign.


Tiger’s Eye

For good luck and more wealth, get Tiger’s Eye. Aside from these benefits, it builds courage. Physically, it supports the eyes, throat, and reproductive organs.

Capricorns can find this healing crystal super helpful.


Tiger’s Eye


During stressful and tough times, make sure to have this crystal with you. Definitely a must during a global pandemic! Commonly called “the supreme nurturer,” it can help anchor you to the present moment, much like meditation and mindfulness. Be sure to check out our blog on the incredible health benefits of meditation and mindfulness. It aids the pancreas and spleen.

People under the zodiac signs Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra can gain more from this healing crystal than others.



Like Jasper, you can turn to amethyst for peace and tranquility. Some people find it useful in dealing with addiction or alcoholism. Others swear that it helps relieve their headache. Our crystal bed is lined with a heated amethyst Ereada mat.

While Amethyst is the birthstone for people under Taurus, Aries, Pisces, SagittariusAquarius, Virgo, and Scorpio can also benefit from its healing prowess.

healing crystals for scorpio amethyst



This blue-green crystal offers serenity, spiritual grounding, and protection. It has detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effects too.

Out of all the zodiac signs, those under Gemini, Pisces, Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Aquarius can reap the most benefits from this precious stone.



Commonly known as “fool’s gold,” healing crystal can bring about money and abundance. Also, it helps with your mental and emotional well-being so it’s good to have when you’re feeling burnout. For physical healing, it aids in issues with the throat, allergies, and respiratory problems.

As for zodiac signs, Leo would find pyrite particularly useful.


Raw Emerald

Last but not the least, we have this beautiful green crystal that’s known for giving confidence and healing heartaches. Physically, it combats aging and has rejuvenation properties.

Raw emerald would be handy for people under the following zodiac signs:  Gemini, Taurus, and Aries.

Raw Emerald

How Do I Use Healing Crystals?

Now that you have set foot on your crystal healing path it is time to learn how to care and use your crystals so you can optimize their wonderful healing benefits.

Cleanse Your Crystals

First, you need to cleanse your crystals to get rid of any negative energy. There are many ways to cleanse your crystals depending on type and color. Make sure to find out first which ones are suitable for your crystal.

For instance, for hard stones such as quartz and amethyst, you may use salt water, whilst for tumbled stones like tiger’s eye and turquoise, natural light would be good.

On the other hand, other stones may be cleansed using breath, water, or sound. Some can even be purified using fire, smudging, or full moonlight.

Set Your Intentions

Next, identify and focus on something you want your crystal to help you with. You may want to keep it in mind or even write it on a piece of paper. Do what feels right for you.

Wear Your Crystals

When you touch your crystals, you tap into their energy. One of the best ways is to wear them jewelry or add them to your favorite outfit.

Crystal Jewelry

Put Them in Your Pocket

If you don’t feel like putting your chakra stones on display then you can just place them in your pocket and touch them as needed.

Have Them Near When You Meditate

To harness your crystals’ healing powers, you could also place the crystals beside you during meditation as they can help you tap into your own intuition.

You can hold the crystals in your hand, place them on your chakras, or set up a crystal energy field.

amethyst crystal meditation

As you can see, crystal healing is a powerful way to use what’s naturally available to help heal ourselves—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They can heighten your positive vibrations and stave off unwanted energy. Visit our shop and get your own healing crystals.

Have you tried using crystals for healing?


Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only. No portion of the text above should be considered a source of medical advice.