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Sound has been used across cultures for centuries as a healing tool. Sound healing is a wellness practice that uses sound vibrations to relax your mind and body. Curious about the benefits of sound healing? Read on.

What is sound healing? 

Ever noticed how the sound of ocean waves or the tapping of raindrops helps you calm down? Or how listening to your favorite music can ease a headache? Yes, music really heals.

While many people consider sound healing or music therapy as a new-age wellness trend, it started in ancient Greece when people tried to cure mental illnesses with music. Since then, it has been practiced for generations in many indigenous tribes such as Tibetan monks, Hindis, and Aboriginal people in Australia.

Thanks to many Hollywood celebrities, this healing practice has become mainstream. It’s also called sound therapy or vibrational medicine.

People who practice sound healing are called sound healers or sound therapy practitioners. They use their voice, tuning forks, drums, and other instruments to remove energy blockages and bring about balance.

And if you do yoga, chanting is also a form of sound healing.

Crystal singing bowls are used for sound healing. One benefit is improved sleep.

How does sound healing work?

Scientists have several theories about how sound healing promotes relaxation and decreases pain.

One theory states that pain could trigger the touch fibers and reduce pain perception. A 2015 clinical study reported that 10 treatments of low-frequency sound stimulation helped fibromyalgia patients sleep better and lower their pain medication.

Meanwhile, the Neuromatrix Theory proposes that pain is a multidimensional experience. And music has been proven to release feel-good hormones such as endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.

Another popular theory focuses on brain entrainment, wherein listening to specific sound frequencies can synchronize brain waves and lead to relaxation.

Also,  a revolutionary study showed that low-frequency sound therapy helps release nitric oxide which dilates our blood vessels and makes blood flow better throughout our body.

What are the benefits of sound healing?

Boost your body’s immune system

Anything that reduces stress can help support our immune system.

But aside from this, music can affect Immunoglobulin A (IgA) which is our body’s first line of defense against viruses and bacteria. According to a 2013 review,  listening to music significantly increases IgA levels.

Isn’t it amazing?

Sound healing benefits include the release of feel-good hormones such as endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.

Helps you sleep better

Yes, certain kinds of music can improve your sleep. Specifically, those instrumental pieces that have slow beats can help you get more zzzzs.

Researchers recently uncovered additional musical features, such as stronger bass and lower frequencies, that help you get to sleep faster. What are these pieces, you ask? Well, if you like classical, then play  Moonlight Sonata and Piano Concerto No.21.

Not loving classical music? They also mentioned some modern-day favorites like Poem and River Flows with You by Yiruma.

And if you want something longer, go for 3 Hours of Relaxing Music by Honest Guys.

Improves your overall health

Sound healing doesn’t just improve your physical health but contributes to your emotional and spiritual well-being.

A 2017 study showed that an hour of sound meditation can help decrease tension, fatigue, and anxiety. Also, it can make you feel more connected to yourself and the world around you.

For the sound meditation, they used crystal singing bowls, a number of Tibetan singing bowls, Ting-shas (small cymbals), didgeridoos, gongs, and small bells. However, the main instruments were the singing bowls.

Essentially, the participants had a sound bath while lying down on yoga mats. After the sound meditation, they felt a lot less anxious and tense.

So, if you’d like to experience the power of sound therapy, we usually have a monthly sound healing session led by Laura Zak Hackel you can check out.

Go ahead, immerse yourself and feel alive with sounds and vibrations!