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Capricorns are deemed to be ambitious, practical, and helpful people. But they can be stubborn and suspicious too. That’s why we’ve listed out several crystals to support Capricorns.

Excited to know which ones made it to our list? Scroll on.

Which Crystals for Capricorn Should You Get?

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Howlite as a Capricorn Crystal

First on our list of crystals for Capricorn is howlite.

This is a white tumbled stone that symbolizes tenderness, stillness, and open-mindedness. Its name comes from Henry How, the geologist who discovered it in Nova Scotia.

For the Capricorn who tends to overthink, this stone can help calm their nerves and encourage them to be their best selves. For deep rest, it’s a great idea to place this healing crystal under your pillow or near the bed.




Moonstone as a Capricorn Crystal

Believed to absorb the healing power of the moon, this gemstone belonging to the feldspar family is all about calming feminine energy.

Moonstone is perfect to balance out the aggressive tendencies of the serious Goat of the Zodiac. This gemstone inspires tact, grace, and elegance.



Garnet as a Capricorn Crystal

Commonly red in color, garnet has been used as a gemstone since the Bronze age.

Its name comes from the Latin granatum, a pomegranate because its granular varieties look like the seeds of this fruit.

For this zodiac sign who always wants to be in control, garnet can be a grounding stone. Also, it can be lucky for love and business relationships.


Garnet Birth Stone for Capricorn

Peridot as A Capricorn Crystal

A vibrant light green stone, this healing crystal’s name comes from the Arabic faridat, meaning “gem.”

As a stone of compassion, this healing crystal can bring some joy and cheer to a Capricorn who can seem gloomy and pessimistic about the world.

Plus, it may give support in difficult situations, and when emotions are running high.



Jet as a Capricorn Crystal

Among the crystals mentioned here, jet is not actually a stone.

Sometimes known as lignite, this healing crystal is a kind of coal that comes from decaying wood.

Interestingly, Jet is the Capricorn’s birthstone in Vedic astrology. Its name comes from the French word jais which is the ancient town Gagae in present-day Turkey.

For many years, this has been used by people in mourning.

Similar to burning sage, having jet nearby wards off unwanted negative energy.



Emerald as a Capricorn Crystal

Did you know that most emeralds are sedimentary rocks?

This elegant green stone’s name originates from the Latin word esmaralda which translates to “green gem.”

Emerald is “a stone of successful love.”  As such, it helps Capricon stimulate loving energy and harmonize personal relationships.

People under this zodiac may find it hard to nurture relationships due to their logical and cautious nature.

In addition, this healing crystal inspires personal growth.



Carnelian as a Capricorn Crystal

If you’re looking for a stone that motivates this star sign, count on this gemstone.

Carnelian exudes energy for perseverance.

By the way, this orange-colored translucent stone’s name comes from a Latin word that translates to “flesh.”



Charge Your Crystals

It’s a good idea to charge your crystals.

There are some simple ways you can do this.

First, you can use the Earth as crystals come from it.

Second, you may charge under the sun or the moon.  The sun represents masculine energy while the moon connects to feminine energy.

sun moon

Another way is through Reiki. Some Reiki experts transfer energy to crystals.

reiki crystals

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