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The crown chakra can often be neglected, especially when you’re on the go and juggling a busy lifestyle. However, healing blockages and imbalance in this chakra are simple, easy, and straightforward – all you need are the right crystals for the crown charka.

The crystals mentioned in this article will help you to deal with any issues that you have with your crown chakra without interrupting your day-to-day activities. They can be used in any way that feels comfortable to you, they’re practical and ideal for everyone.

Crystals for the Crown Chakra

What Is the Crown Chakra?

As the 7th chakra, The crown chakra is the highest of them all and is connected to the Divine. With its close relationship with the universe, it is seen as the bridge to the cosmo. The meaning of crown chakra is all things metaphysical, spiritual transformation, and your consciousness. Crown Chakra in Sanskrit is Sahasrara which translates to thousand petal lotus, which is the symbol of the chakra.

If your crown chakra is blocked you may experience these symptoms and signs:

  • Feeling out of alignment
  • Trouble trusting the universe
  • Lack of belief
  • Struggling to retain information
  • Feeling isolated and out of touch with the world

Crystals can fix your problems with your crown chakra. If you identify any of these signs and symptoms then you need to take action, here is all the information that you need.


Crown Chakra Crystals

We’ve selected these crystals due to their relationship with the crown chakra. They’re ideal for crystal newbies and experts so everybody can have a go at working with these gems. Get stuck in to find out how you can heal your crown chakra.



Howlite will quiet the mind and soothe the soul. When it is used with the crown chakra it can clear energetic pathways and connect you with the highest realms of the universe. It can improve and enhance your consciousness as a result.

This stone is gentle and yet it has a powerful presence when dealing with your crown chakra. Its marble-like appearance is aesthetically pleasing, adding to its charm. Raise your vibration with the magic of Howlite and find peace with the divine powers.


Howlite for the Crown Chakra


Named after the Greek goddess Selene, Selenite is associated with femininity and its ability to cleanse other crystals. This highly impressive rock can rid you of the negative energy surrounding your crown chakra and help to unblock it. The luminous glow of Selenite will wash over you to purify and clear away anything that does not serve you.

Reiki healers in particular have hailed this crystal as it can influence positive changes in your crown chakra. It can help you to find your inner light and reach higher levels of consciousness. The magnificent energy of Selenite is out of this world!


White Calcite

If your crown chakra is congested white calcite will work to unblock it. It absorbs negative energy and will charge your crown in response. With a clear mind and chakra, you are then able to receive guidance from the divine in a straightforward and non-confusing way.

Spiritual growth is one of the many benefits of using white calcite. It can awaken you, taking you on an intense your that connects you to the higher powers of the universe. It also works with the third eye to encourage psychic insights.


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the master crystal as it amplifies the energy of all other precious rocks. The levels of healing that clear quartz can bring are never-ending. It creates balance within the crown chakra, with its prism of transformational energy it scatters radiant, spiritual light over your being.

The extraordinary properties of clear quartz are celebrated by spiritualists around the world. It can create miraculous healing and activate the inner sanctum of your crown chakra. Use it to improve spiritual development.



Charoite is known for its life-changing spiritual healing abilities. As its energy infiltrates the core of your crown chakra it can disperse negativity and remove physical symptoms of a blockage in the process. Its power is like no other, if you are struggling with your crown chakra then you need to bring out the big guns and Charoite is willing to do the job.

Charoite for the Crown Chakra

The ethereal nature of this stone works wonders for the crown chakra. As negative energy and blocks are removed by Charoites vibration it opens you up to a world of new spiritual experiences. This crystal is influential and magnificent in every way.



The radiant glow of Moonstone will transform your crown chakra. It has a soft and gentle energy, making it easy to work with the crown chakra. It will prevent you from awakening too fast, instead, it will ease you into your spiritual development. Use this stone to activate your crown chakra.

Moonstone can evoke new beginnings and the energy of cosmos to bestow its blessings down upon you. when using this crystal you will experience changes to your physical self and notice a more loving connection with the divine. It is an empowering stone.


White Onyx

With White Onyx you can build upon your inner vision and attachment to your spiritual self. This stone works wonders with the crown chakra. It is the perfect remedy for a blocked crown chakra, using it in collaboration with this area to encourage the flow of energy that is otherwise stagnant.

The stabilizing and positive energy of White Onyx will help to balance out your chakra. This stone can also prevent night terrors that are caused by spiritual attacks. This is a crystal that you should get behind if you want to work on your crown chakra.


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