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Crystals can spark magnificent changes in your physical and spiritual body. When they are combined with the chakras they can undo any negativity and damage that your everyday life can cause. The sacral chakra is no different, with the right crystals it can be revived and unblocked which will align and improve your being.

We’ve saved you the time and energy of researching which crystals work best with the sacral chakra. Consider this your ultimate guide to sacral chakras that are designed to help you unblock and rework your energy centers.

What Is the Sacral Chakra?

The chakras are the energy centers in the body. Each point represents certain physical symptoms and ailments in the body as well as emotions and feelings. The sacral chakra (also known as Svadhisthana) is the second of the seven chakras.

It is connected to relationships, sexuality, creativity, and change. When this chakra is blocked it can cause you to have issues with your sex drive, lack of vision and inspiration as well as finding it hard to deal with life changes. However, when the sacral chakra is active and balanced it is transformative and helps you to be more adaptable.


Ten Sacral Chakra Crystals

If you’re looking for crystals to help you balance and harmonize your sacral chakra here are some crystals that you need to try. Each one has its own amazing qualities that will bring out the best in you and help you with your problems. Here are crystals for the sacral chakra.


Carnelian for Sacral Chakra

This vivacious stone is ripe with creative energy, making it a match with your sacral chakra. When placed on the energy center it stimulates your inner fire and fills you with passion. It is perfect to use if you have an important project that you want to complete.

Using Carnelian on the sacral chakra will unblock stagnant energy and give you a new lease of life. It is powerful and impactful in many ways. If you’re looking for a crystal that will help you to activate your sacral chakra then Carnelian is a great place to start.

Carnelian as a Crystal for Sacral Chakra

Carnelian as a Crystal for Sacral Chakra

Orange Calcite for Sacral Chakra

The cleansing benefits of Orange Calcite will help you to feel lighter and more in tune with your inner being. Any negativity that you hold in relation to your sacral chakra will be washed away and replaced with abundant energy. The vibration of this stone is refreshing and will help to clear your aura.

Orange Calcite is positive and uplifting. It is a motivational and impactful stone that gives you more zest for life. This crystal also works with the sacral chakra to improve your libido by giving it a boost of energy.


Tiger’s Eye for Sacral Chakra

This fierce and courageous stone will help you to garner more inner strength and face your fears. It is used to evoke feelings of bravery when you are facing difficult situations. As such, it helps to restore harmony and balance.

The sacral chakra, when activated, can help you to adapt to any situations that come your way. When it is combined with Tiger’s Eye you will become a force to be reckoned with. Tiger’s Eye is one of the best stones to use with the sacral chakra.

Tiger's Eye Crystal for Sacral Chakra

Tiger’s Eye Crystal for Sacral Chakra

Amber for Sacral Chakra

This illuminating stone will warm you up and energize you. It carries the frequency of the sun and the moon. Using Amber can balance your emotions and heal rifts in your personal relationships.

The protective shield that Amber creates will remove toxicity from your life. If there are any sudden life changes it can help you to cope and ensure that your sacral chakra is taken care of. Overall, it is a popular stone that has many valuable properties.


Goldstone for Sacral Chakra

The power of Goldstone will awaken your sexuality and bring out your deepest passions. This sensual stone can activate the sacral chakra and release clogged energy that affects your sexual wellbeing. It is an ideal stone to use in the bedroom and is perfect for those moments when you want to spice things up a bit.

Goldstone is inspirational, it is known as the stone of ambition as it fuels your drive. As the sacral chakra is related to personal development it is an ideal crystal if you’re working toward big goals. In addition, Goldstone is excellent for when you want to discover your life purpose.


Orange Moonstone for Sacral Chakra

The wonderful qualities of Orange Moonstone as particularly beneficial for women as it helps them to connect with the divine feminine. Its connection and ties to the reproductive organs can soothe any issues in that region that are caused by an out-of-balance sacral chakra. Using this stone can enhance your intimate relationships and bring more happiness to your life.

With its vibrant color and connection to the sacral chakra, Moonstone can align your energy. With regular use, you can improve your anxiety and bring more calmness into your life. This crystal is perfect for when you want to find your zen and bring out your inner goddess.


Red Jasper for Sacral Chakra

There are many variations of Jasper, in particular, Red Jasper is one of the best for working with the sacral chakra. It acts like a spa treatment for the energy center due to its detoxifying properties. Any bad vibes that are affecting your sacral chakra will be removed by simply placing this stone near the area.

Incorporating Red Jasper into your spiritual routine will also help you to develop a healthy attitude toward sex. Not only will you feel sexier in your skin but you will also appreciate your partner more. It is also said to increase blood flow to your sexual organs.

Red Jasper as a Healing Crystal for Sacral Chakra

Red Jasper as a Healing Crystal for Sacral Chakra


Unlock your inner leadership traits with Sunstone. Its empowering influence can help you to feel as though anything is possible, making you more joyful and positive in the long run. Sunstone is brilliant, radiant and will improve your lifeforce energy.

While it energizes your sacral chakra it can also grant your more fortune. This lucky crystal will introduce you to all of the wonderful possibilities that life has to offer. The sunny optimism that this crystal brings will brighten up your days and make you feel happier.


Tangerine Quartz

Using Tangerine Quartz along with the sacral chakra will help you to transition through any changes in your life. Its easy-going and positive energy is perfect for any circumstance or event. Whenever you are unsure and your sacral chakra is affected as a result it will heal any negativity.

This stone will bring out the creative genius in you. This is ideal for whenever you have writer’s block or need inspiration for a project. It is great for those moments when your sacral chakra needs a little love and revitalization.


Aragonite Star Clusters

This unusual and mesmerizing crystal will bring stability to your sacral chakra and heal your meridian. Using Aragonite Star Clusters will encourage you to take better care of yourself and improve your sense of wellbeing. It can also reduce your stress levels and make you feel more at ease with yourself and your surroundings.

Meditating with Aragonite Star Clusters will mellow out your sacral chakra and calm it whenever it becomes overactive. You will notice its positive effects the more you use it. This crystal can amplify and shift your energy and bring a healthy flow of energy to your body, mind, and soul.

aragonite-star-clusters for Sacral Chakra

Aragonite Star Clusters for Sacral Chakra