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Have you ever been curious about past life regression? Past lives are intriguing. What if you can go back to a past life? Well, we’re sharing how you can possibly use hypnosis for past life regression.

But first, let’s have a little background about past lives.

What is a past life?

Past lives are rooted in reincarnation or rebirth. Also called transmigration, reincarnation is a philosophical and religious concept which proposes that someone’s essence goes into another life form after death. Buddhists believe that if they live well, then they will have a good reincarnation.

It’s like our soul travels from one lifetime because it has still yet to learn things and come full circle.

Wondering if you might have been reborn?

Here are some signs you may have lived a previous life:

You have enduring memories

You feel like you were born at the wrong time. There’s this weird recollection that ties you to that feeling that you had a former life. You may also have physical evidence like a birthmark that triggers these emotions and memories.

In the 1960s a professor named Ian Stevenson put together about 3000 cases of reincarnation in children. Typically, the children start sharing their strange memories around age 2 or 3. They mention their original family or how they lived before with amazing accuracy.

Hypnosis to access past life memories

Hypnosis to access past life memories

An irrational fear is haunting you

When we say irrational, it means your phobia wasn’t something rooted in experience. Say, for instance, you have a strange fear of wires and cables even if you’ve never been hurt by these. Maybe this unexplainable fear is rooted in your past life.

Recurring dreams or nightmares fill your nights

You may have these unusual dreams over and over again. They may be set in a place you lived in your past life. Also, people who appear consistently in your dreams may have a unique relationship with you before.

Similarly, nightmares may be linked to traumas that have hung onto your soul and torment you in your sleep.

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Hypnosis can unlock past life stories

You have a strong connection with a certain culture, place, or time period

There might be a culture that seems so familiar to you or a time period that you have an uncanny affinity for. It might be reminiscent of your former life.

Maybe you’ve tried everything to understand what’s happening and it’s all still so strange–it’s time to find answers on a more personal and deeper level.

That’s where hypnosis for past life regression comes in.


Hypnosis for Past Life Regression

Some people such as those with illnesses with unknown causes or struggling with a trauma may benefit from past life regression therapy. During a session, you enter a deep meditative state using breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Your hypnotist then guides you while you go back through time into a past or even multiple lifetimes.

How does it happen?

Your hypnotist helps you tap into previous memories hidden in your subconscious mind. As you go through them, you may be able to unlock valuable insights from life experiences. Some may find comfort in knowing what happened while others are able to reignite old hobbies and interests.

Hypnosis is truly a powerful tool to gain a fuller understanding of ourselves. And it has many uses, from anxiety to IBS, it has helped many manage their health concerns.

If you want to explore your past life, go ahead and book a session with our clinical hypnotherapist, Carla Chalah, here at EveryBody in Mind Wellness Center.


Note: This post is for informational purposes only and not medical advice.