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Roar! Leos are probably the fiercest sign in the Zodiac. They are bold and fearless but can be aggressive at times. To support this powerful sign, we’ve come up with the best Leo crystals to look out for.

Leo Crystals

Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Zodiac Sign

Red Tiger’s Eye

You might know this rare brownish-red crystal as dragon’s eye. Did you know that they are typically heat-treated to get the reddish shade?

Commonly used as a tumbled stone, it’s perfect for rekindling Leo’s motivation and passion. It can help push you into doing the things that need to be done for that long-term project or to reach that goal.

Red Tiger's Eye is a great crystal to help Leos get motivated to achieve their goals

Red Tiger’s Eye is a great crystal to help Leos get motivated to achieve their goals.

Moreover, you can use it as a grounding stone when you feel like you’re all over the place. It brings you back to your connection with the earth and helps you to go on. That’s why it’s also known as a “survival stone.”

Red Tiger's Eye Crystal for Leo

Red Tiger’s Eye Crystal for Leo

Blue Tiger’s Eye

Meanwhile, blue tiger’s eye is called hawk’s eye, falcon’s eye, or silicified crocidolite. Also, a variety of quartz, its main use is a protective stone against the “evil eye.” This is when someone stares or looks at you and somehow brings you bad luck.

Blue Tiger's Eye for Leo serves as protection against the evil eye.

Blue Tiger’s Eye for Leo serves as protection against the evil eye.

As a versatile stone, it’s associated with the throat chakra, base, and sacral chakra. This is great for encouraging the Lion to hold on to their personal power and speak their own truth.

Blue Tiger's Eye Crystal for Leo

Blue Tiger’s Eye Crystal for Leo

Polished Labradorite

One of the best Leo crystals around, polished labradorite is mostly made up of feldspar. When you look at it closely, it looks like something’s twinkling with multiple colors inside, a phenomenon called the schiller effect. This happens as the tubular elements within interact with light.

As for its uses, it supports the third eye and throat chakra. Also, you’ll find it helpful as a protective stone against negative energy.

Another quality that makes it perfect for Leo is it can assist them in their journey towards self-discovery. Leos are typically outgoing so they may forget to look within to tap into their intuition and creativity. Remember Leo, real confidence comes from the inside.

Polished Labradorite Crystal for Leo

Polished Labradorite Crystal for Leo

Rutilated Crystal

Mostly found in Brazil and Madagascar, rutilated crystals or red schorl come with an interesting formation. Rutile or titanium dioxide can be seen as needle-like threads in the so-called angel’s hair quartz or golden rutilated crystal. These inclusions may be black, silver, or red-brown in color.

The primary use of rutilated crystal for Leo is its ability to intensify their thoughts. It’s a stone with a high energetic frequency.

Well, it suits this zodiac sign’s strong passion to help manifest the things they desire in life through their intentions. With this crystal, they’re able to be mentally aware of “shortcuts” towards their dreams— the easier and faster route.

However, they also need to take caution as it can make negative thoughts stronger as well.

By the way, this gemstone aligns well with the solar plexus chakra. So, it can bring Leo confidence when he or she’s feeling down.

Rutilated Crystal Quartz Crystal for Leo

Rutilated Crystal Quartz Crystal for Leo

Black Onyx

Now, if zealous Leo needs a bit of calm and wants to feel grounded, black onyx can help. This elegant Chalcedony variety mostly comes as a solid black gemstone although you can find some with white stripes.

As a stone supporting the root chakra, it can give a sense of stability and security when this zodiac sign gets lost in the rabbit hole.

Black Onyx is a powerful crystal for Leo's Root Chakra

Black Onyx is a powerful crystal for Leo’s Root Chakra

In addition, it can protect Leo against negative energy. Though many ancient cultures feared this stone as they believed there was a dark force within, this crystal is known to enhance emotional strength in times of stress, grief, or chaos.

It’s a powerful stone against perceived threats like nightmares. And it helps keep your head clear as you dig into your work.

Need a reliable stress reliever? Carry black onyx with you or wear it as jewelry.

Black Onyx Crystal for Leo

Black Onyx Crystal for Leo

Shopping for Crystals

When shopping for crystals, you first need to take note of what you already have. You wouldn’t want to waste your time and money, right?

Also, research and go with what you need. If you need something you can easily carry, then find tumbled stones, necklaces, or bracelets.

If you want to read up on crystals and their uses, we have a quick but detailed beginner’s guide to crystal healing. EveryBody in Mind Wellness Center in Sudbury will also be offering an outdoor, crystals for beginners class in August. Click here to reserve your spot. 

Lastly, buy from reputable shops or dealers. We have a wide collection of crystals you might want to check here at Everybody in Mind online shop.