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Ever noticed how music can help you feel better at any given moment? Listening to fast music can make you feel energized, while paying attention to slow running water may help you feel calmer. But did you know that there are specific sound healing frequencies you can use to boost your health and wellness?

But before we dive in, here’s a brief background on sound healing.

Sound Healing

Sound has been used for generations to heal people. Ancient Greeks used sounds to treat mental disorders, while aboriginal Australians used sound instruments such as the didgeridoo for their healing rituals. And you’ve probably heard of using Tibetan singing bowls or chanting during a yoga session.

Other instruments used in sound therapy include:

  • Drums
  • Tuning forks
  • Wind chimes
  • Tongue drums
  • Pan flutes
  • Rainstick

Research has shown sound therapy to improve sleep, combat stress, and improve your overall health. A 2019 study showed that sound therapy could alleviate both physical and emotional suffering.

What are Sound Healing Frequencies?

Certain tones, called Solfeggio frequencies, can help promote mind and body health. While these frequencies were discovered during medieval times, it was only during the 1970s that a researcher named Dr. Joseph Puleo brought them into the public eye.

Solfeggio comes from the Latin word solfège, a system for teaching pitch using syllables. Think do-re-mi. The Solfeggio frequencies are part of this scale.

And according to Dr. Puleo’s research, the nine (9) Solfeggio frequencies can have positive effects on your well-being.

Benefits of Sound Healing Frequencies

Now, let’s take a look at the healing frequencies list, their effect on the chakras, and other health benefits:

  • 174 Hz

    This frequency alleviates discomfort and heals blocked auras. It can lessen leg, foot, and lower back discomfort. Stress and migraines are also treated with 174 Hz. It calms the mind and inspires sentiments of adoration, bravery, security, and assurance.

  • 396 Hz

    This sound healing frequency helps balance the root chakra and makes you feel more grounded by removing feelings of guilt and dread. It’s also known to transform sadness into joy and give you the push you need to accomplish your objectives

  • 417 Hz
    When you listen to this sound, it can help support your physical transformation. Moreover, it may help release emotional barriers and trauma-related feelings. Some believe it gives life a fresh start.
  • 432 Hz

    This frequency focuses on the heart chakra. It stimulates mental and emotional openness and clarity while also soothing your spirit. This tone can aid in your spiritual development.

  •  440 Hz Often referred to as “cerebral music,”  this frequency may help lower anxiety. The 440 Hz enhances cognitive development and opens the third eye chakra.
  • 528 Hz

    This is probably the most popular sound healing frequency. The “miracle note” and the “love frequency” are said to cleanse the body of poison, bring forth love and confidence, and align the solar plexus and heart chakras. In addition, a 2022 study showed that it has a powerful effect on reducing stress levels even in just 5 minutes of listening.

  •  639 Hz
    This frequency may aid in healing, encourage connections, and foster partnerships. It may help elicit pleasant feelings, promote peace, and foster effective communication. It might also improve your relationship with yourself and enable you to consider your priorities.
  • 741 Hz
    Listening to this frequency level may help you gain mental clarity and come up with different solutions to your issues.
  • 852 Hz
    This is the frequency you need if you’re looking for a sound to balance your spirituality. It can help you become more self-aware on a deeper level.
  • 963 Hz
    Among the nine frequencies, this one is known as the ‘frequency of the Gods’ as it can help connect you to the spiritual realm.


Immerse Yourself in Healing Sounds

Want to enjoy the benefits of these healing frequencies?

Just join our monthly sound healing sessions with Laura Zak-Hackel.

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