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Aquarius people, the water-bearers, are big thinkers who want to change the world. However, they can be distant, aloof, and stubborn. So, we’re sharing the best crystals for Aquarius to keep their feet on the ground and their vision to the skies above.

Best Crystals For Aquarius


Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Amethyst As An Aquarius Crystal

Amethyst is the primary birthstone for Aquarius, an air sign. You can say it’s their power stone.

This purple variety of quartz can help this zodiac sign stay in touch with their intuition. By doing so, they’re able to move in a more thought-through manner toward their goals.

Moreover, it can help the distant Aquarian be more receptive to suggestions and advice from others. As a result, they can have more harmonious personal and professional relationships.

Interestingly, amethyst has also been used to treat addiction.

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amethyst as Aquarius crystal


Aquamarine As An Aquarius Crystal

According to legend, this gemstone can calm waves at sea. That’s why it’s great for Aquarius who are busy on-the-go people. An aquamarine crystal can also help them feel connected to their true feelings.


As humanitarians, they value the sense of community. Aquamarine can help this astrological sign realize its efforts toward the common good.

Wearing it in jewelry is a wonderful way to keep this stone close. EveryBody in Mind Wellness Center in Sudbury sells incredibly popular Aquamarine rings by Emily Rose Gems and other local artisans. This ring is one of our favorites!

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Pyrite As An Aquarius Crystal

Another gemstone that makes it to our list of the best crystals for Aquarius is pyrite. Technically though, pyrite is not a gemstone, but a compound made up of iron sulfide.

Pyrite can support people born in this zodiac sign by manifesting their revolutionary dreams. They would be able to bring about their visions of the future to the present. It gives them mental clarity for decision-making.

Besides this, it can help dispel negative energy and increase their luck.



Golden Calcite As An Aquarius Crystal

This stone, commonly known as honey calcite, helps link emotions to the intellect. It’s useful for people with the Aquarius sign because it encourages responsible leadership and boosts their self-worth.

Aside from these, it’s a stone of abundance, attracting prosperity for the zealous water bearer.

golden calcite

Golden Calcite

Hematite As An Aquarius Crystal

Also spelled as haematite, this stone can be reddish or metallic gray. Its name comes from αἷμα (haima), which means blood in Greek.

Hematite is a versatile stone. You can use it for meditation, grounding, protection, and divination.

For Aquarius, it’s beneficial in fostering love and harmony in relationships. Also, it can help them focus and concentrate better.



Rose quartz As An Aquarius Crystal

Rose quartz, also called hyaline quartz or strawberry rose quartz, is made up of silicon dioxide.

Did you know that it was used by ancient Egyptians as face masks to make their skin complexion better and prevent wrinkles?

Water bearers would benefit from having it as it’s a stone of unconditional love. It balances the heart chakra and heals emotional wounds.

rose quartz

Rose Quartz

Rhodonite As An Aquarius Crystal

In the 1700s, this red rose crystal was used by Russians to protect nobles, travelers, and babies. They called it orletz or eagle stone because eagles like to get them and bring them to their nests.

Like rose quartz, this healing stone can aid in clearing away emotional wounds and scars. Rhodonite can also foster mutual understanding and heal relationship issues.

If the water bearer lacks energy, it can help keep their energy up all day.



Storing Your Crystals

It’s important that you store your crystals properly.

As these healing crystals have different properties, you need to research them beforehand to avoid getting them damaged.

For example, amethyst’s color may fade if you leave it under the sun for a long time. On the other hand, hematite easily fractures with a hard blow.

Here are some storage suggestions for your crystal set:

  • Velvet pouches, organza bags, or wooden boxes for tumbled stones that don’t get scratched easily
  • Cardboard jewelry boxes for delicate crystals
  • Display area but make sure to cover them from sunlight

If you want to learn more about zodiac crystals, read our beginner’s guide to crystal healing. Moreover, you’ll love all the vibrant crystals we have in our online store.

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