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We hear all this buzz about manifesting — to simply ask, align, and receive.

We send out our requests to the universe, do what we think we need to do to welcome them in, then wonder why nothing’s showing up.

If this sounds like an obstacle that’s been in your path, hold tight because we’re going to reveal a quick trick when it comes to mastering your ability to manifest. And it all comes down to how you spell. Words matter (and it’s called spelling for a reason…) 


“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” Eckhart Tolle

Three Steps to Easy Manifesting 

Clearly Ask For What You Want

The first thing you need to do when manifesting your desires is to get crystal clear on what you want. “More money” might equate to you finding a quarter on the sidewalk and the Universe being like Ok, done. You now have “more” money. Next!

Get specific about the amount you want and when you need it by (if you’re manifesting money). The more specific you are with your desired outcome, the more likely you’re going to receive it. I am creating $12,500 by the end of the month to completely pay off my debt. 

However, if you’re requesting something along the lines of Please make the guy at the coffee shop notice me because I swear he’s my soulmate, then you’re probably going to be disappointed because it’s actually too specific. A little time spent finding the right phrasing for your request goes a long way.

For the above example, you could request, What would it take to have more opportunities to connect with people I vibe with so I can meet my soulmate? Or I am available to receive the person who checks off all my boxes in the love department.

step one to manifesting ask for what you want

Step one to manifesting: Clearly ask for what you want…

Align With Your Desires to Learn How to Manifest

Declare your requests and intentions to the universe with carefully chosen words that resonate with you on a deep level. 

Words that constructively point towards your desires benefit creative manifestation, while words that focus on what you don’t have continue to bring more of just that.

If your words are rooted in desperation, you’ll actually be pushing away what you’re looking to call in, so steer clear of words like want, need, desire, and the like. When you say I want… then you are requesting to remain in the energy of wanting.

Try these instead: 

I am in the process of creating

Please bring me

I am manifesting

Please show me…

I am open and available to receive

I am so happy and grateful now that

Using these types of phrases opens you up to being able to receive assistance immediately. 

Notice how you’ve been phrasing your requests and tweak your words until they feel right for you. You want to ask open-ended questions that leave space for you to be available for all possibilities.

Align With Your Desires to Learn How to Manifest

Align With Your Desires to Learn How to Manifest.

Easily Receive What You’ve Asked For

All t00 often we push away what we’ve asked for because we don’t feel like we deserve it, are afraid of having it, or dig up the seed because it’s taking too long to grow.

Finding the resistance to receiving is key to creating the space to have what you want. 

Here’s a quick way to check if you’ve got any resistance: Think about what you’ve asked for. Now notice if anything comes up that’s incongruent with what you say you want.

Notice if there’s tightness in your chest or stomach. Feel into any sensations that might be in your physical body. Being aware of these sensations is a clear hint that there’s trapped or stagnant energy blocking your movement forward.

Clearing the path of resistance is the way to receiving all the inspiration, resources, support, opportunities, motivation, and anything else you need to succeed. 

You do this by being fully in the present moment and allowing yourself to experience what it’s like to be fully aware and conscious of your words, thoughts, actions, feelings, and beliefs.

When you’re willing to face whatever might stand in your way of manifesting your heart’s deepest desires, you become unstoppable.

Being aware of internal subconscious resistance is key in successful manifestation.

Being aware of internal subconscious resistance is key to successful manifestation.

How to Manifest: Ask, Align, Receive

Fine-tuning the ask, align, receive trick gives you the ability to quickly manifest your dreams and desires. The trick is to get super clear on what you want, focus your words to be working in your favor, and release any resistance you can recognize.

Manifesting is easier than you think. However, you must be willing to get honest with yourself about what you want and do the inner work to create the space to welcome your manifestations in.

Working with the lunar cycles can assist you with manifesting all you desire, and you can read more about that here.

Some other fantastic ways to clear blocks to your manifestation are exploring hypnotherapy, Reiki, crystal bed therapy, or even meditation. Check out all the wonderful holistic wellness services EveryBody in Mind Wellness Center in Sudbury, Massachusetts has to offer!


Happy manifesting!