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It’s truly something special when two powerful healing modalities combine.

Reiki yoga is a wonderful blend created by Susan Clark, our in-house yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, and founder of Heal From Within.

Susan completed her 200-hour Yoga certification in June 2018.  When she enrolled, her goal was to enhance her personal wellness.

To her, yoga was an hour of self-care that she could give herself to recharge and go within.

This gave her the ability to bring the best version of herself to every aspect of life.

Susan says, “I wanted to give that to others and give them an outlet to experience the same peace that yoga gave me.”

What is Reiki Yoga?

Reiki Yoga pairs the grounding physical elements of yoga with the energy healing power of Reiki. Both are focused on the flow of prana or life force in the body.

Reiki is a Japanese healing approach that involves transferring life force energy through the hands. Research on Reiki shows promise in reducing pain and anxiety.

Meanwhile, yoga is thought to have originated in Ancient India around 300BC. While many people might associate yoga to exercise, it actually means “union” in Sanskrit.

This essentially means that the aim of yoga is the “union with the Spirit or the divine.” It’s also anchored in physical postures or asana, breathing, and relaxation.

reiki love yoga asana pose

Does Reiki yoga have a healing component too? Any insights about this?

Reiki Yoga has a very powerful healing component to it. Yoga practice on its own is known for creating strength, awareness, and balance in both body and mind. On the other hand, Reiki taps into the natural healing of the body creating a deep relaxation response that opens you to deep healing.

The combination of both modalities Reiki & Yoga complement each other and bring deeper healing.

Can anybody join a Reiki yoga session?

Yes, it’s suitable for all levels of yoga with modifications to build to your level of yoga. Reiki is safe, effective, and has no contraindications. Moreover, it’s based on the Universal Life Force energy which surrounds us daily.

How can Reiki yoga help me?

It clears energy blocks

In Reiki Yoga, we utilize Yoga poses to access the chakras or main energy centers within the body. After this, we offer Reiki to clear energy blocks within the chakras creating deep healing and stress relief. This helps us to feel balanced and promotes wellness. Curated healing crystals can also be used to assist in this process. Interestingly, by understanding your zodiac sign, you can select crystals that resonate with you.

chakra system

Chakra System

It helps you deal with difficult experiences

Aside from removing energy blocks, it can help you dissolve and release trauma. Plus, it can help you do away with emotional blocks present in the body that create disease.

It can help you feel better

Life can be stressful at times. The potent combination of these two approaches can help improve your mood. Reiki can bring about deeper relaxation and stillness within you.

Truly, integrating Reiki with yoga can bring amazing results. Practicing yoga lays the groundwork and strips the outer layers filled with stress and worries to bring about your inner self. Reiki then comes in to help energy flow smoothly in you— mind, body, and spirit.

Have you ever tried Reiki yoga?