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Looking for crystals to attract abundance into your life? Scroll down to find out the best crystals for wealth and success.

Make sure they’re part of your collection ASAP.

Best Crystals for Wealth & Success

Green Jade


Probably one of the most popular crystals for wealth and success, green jade is prized for its beauty and durability, especially by the Chinese. According to the website Britannica, jade in ancient China means purity and moral uprightness. Moreover, it’s considered lucky when you’re trying to attract good fortune. 

You may want to bring 8 jade stones when going to an important event like business trips or closing deals since the number 8 is for money. Another way to use jade would be to put them in a crystal bowl on your work desk to let good opportunities come in. Lastly, you can put green jade near your bed to help manifest the dreams you want for your life.

Aside from these wealth-attracting qualities, many turn to jade to feel calm and avoid rash decisions.

Green Aventurine


Linked to the heart chakra, this grounding crystal may help you bring back wealth lost because of misguided decisions. During meditation, it’s a good idea to keep this crystal close to your heart. Also known as a “luck talisman” you might want to have it near especially when starting a new business venture or a new job. 

It’s best to keep green aventurine where money is such as cash boxes, wallets, or purses. Now if you’re joining a competition with a cash prize, bring it with you for an extra dose of good luck.



This brass-colored stone is used for abundance, prosperity, and protection. Also, many people think it’s gold because of its brilliance, thus its nickname “fools gold.”

This stone is associated with the solar plexus chakra so it can help boost your confidence and willpower in achieving success. Plus, it removes negative associations you might have that are blocking your access to wealth and abundance. 

With its fire energy (Pyr means fire in Greek), it can help you cultivate an abundance mindset and attract more wealth. For good feng shui,  place pyrite in the wealth corner of your home which is at the leftmost corner upon entering your main door. 

Tiger’s Eye


Similar to pyrite, tiger’s eye is also linked to the fire element. Thus, this semi-precious stone can help push you towards taking action and going after goals. Interestingly, it can also help clear the mind and keep you grounded.

As for the home, you can also place tiger’s eye in the Xun or money corner like pyrite. If you want to welcome wealth into your life, just hold a tiger’s eye or put one in your pocket.

Smoky Quartz 


This unique and powerful quartz crystal is best known for clearing negative energy and fostering cooperation. Some people use it for grounding too.

When it comes to building wealth, this versatile tone primes your mind for what you want and helps realize them in the physical realm with its strong connection to the earth. 

This brings to mind a popular quote by Stephen Covey,” All things are created twice. There’s a mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation to all things.” And amazingly, smoky quartz may help you do both!

Lapis Lazuli


Sometimes we need to let go of what’s keeping us stuck (poor) in order to receive what we want (wealth). This crystal can help you do this since it can help you keep a clear and open mind. 

In addition, this crystal can help you come up with fresh ideas to solve your financial issues. And you can count on it when it comes to sticking to your road map to success regardless of naysayers or harsh critics. 

Black Tourmaline


Last but definitely not least on our list is black tourmaline, which is a favorite of many crystal experts. You might want to add this black stone to your must-have list especially if you’re in debt or having financial struggles.

With its good luck, it’s best to have this near your home’s entrance door, most likely on a window, shelf, or console.

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