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Have you ever wondered, “What are spirit guides—those mystical beings that help others in one of those supernatural dramas you’ve watched?” Are they the same as angels? Or perhaps they are your ancestors? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got answers for you.

But first, a little cultural perspective.

Did you know that traditionally in Africa, long before embracing Western culture, people called their ancestors the ‘living dead’ ? And they believed that the spirits of their deceased relatives watch over and take care of them from the other side.

They are their spirit guides, so to speak.

What are Spirit Guides?

While some cultures believe that spirit guides represent the souls of their dearly departed, others think spirit guides are kind beings made of pure energy or light who help the living. Still, for others, spirit guides are the same as guardian angels or nature spirits.

Whether they are one or the other, the good news is they are here for you. They can give wisdom, clarity, comfort, and direction when you need them. They want you to live up to your highest potential in this life.

However, it’s still up to you to decide to take them up on their offer.

Could you have more than one spirit guide? Yes! And they come and go as you need them at crucial times in your life.

The next question you may ask is, “Well, how do I contact or communicate with them then? Or how do they get in touch with us?”

How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guide

There are many ways you can deliberately reach out to your spirit guides and the ways they enter your life. But as always, you need to pay attention and set an intention. 

Here are some ways you can communicate with your spirit guide:

  • Strengthen your intuition

Your intuition or gut feeling is a form of connection to your inner self that can help guide your decisions. There are several psychic exercises you can try to improve your intuition like journaling, interpreting dreams, and others.

  • Keep your eyes peeled for signs around you

Your spirit guides may enter your life through signs and synchronicities. Have you ever suddenly noticed repeated numbers like 1111 showing up in things around you? They are called angel numbers and may be messages from the universe to help you, especially in moments of distress.

Also, you may have noticed good coincidences that line up together in your life, like a friend suddenly calling you when you thought of them or getting something you want without working hard for it. They might be from your spirit guides to help make your life easier.

  • Have a regular spiritual practice

Another way you can connect with your spirit guide is through spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, and breathing exercises. You might want to explore other interesting practices, such as new moon manifestation, sound healing, and Reiki.

  • Consider using a divination tool

You may also choose to use divination tools for spiritual communication, such as Tarot cards, oracle cards, and astrology. Sincerely ask and wait for an answer from the universe through these tools.

Connect with Your Spiritual Self

If you’ve reached this part and you’re still unclear on answers to the question, “What are spirit guides?” or just want to support your spiritual well-being, perhaps you’d want to go for a spiritual counseling session at Everybody in Mind Wellness Center today.

By the way, high-tech wellness technology is also available for your spiritual wellness, such as Crystal Bed therapy, Somadome meditation pod, and Ajna light therapy.