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Are you curious about spiritual communication? Have you ever felt an unspoken yet profound connection with someone? Do you believe there’s a spiritual dimension in expressing oneself? If your answer is yes, then this exploration into spiritual communication is sure to captivate you.

The Ubiquity of Communication: More Than Just Words

Communication is a fundamental part of our existence. We engage in it continuously, often without fully realizing its depth. It isn’t just about words, it encompasses a spectrum of elements – biological, psychological, social, and indeed, spiritual.

Spiritual Communication: An Underrated Aspect

In our fast-paced world, the spiritual aspect of communication is often overlooked. The noise of daily life can drown out the soft whispers of spiritual communication. Yet, it is this very aspect that may hold the key to deeper, more meaningful connections.

Unveiling the Facets of Communication

Before we delve deeper into the concept of spiritual communication, it’s crucial to understand the various forms of communication. This understanding provides a foundation upon which we can explore the spiritual dimension more effectively.

Embarking on the Journey to Spiritual Communication

Prepare to embark on a journey that unravels the intricate layers of spiritual communication. As you scroll further, you will uncover its significance, learn how it functions, and perhaps even discover how to harness its power in your own relationships. Let’s deepen our understanding and embrace the remarkable possibilities of spiritual communication. Before we do that, let’s talk about the forms of communication first.

What are the forms of spiritual communication?

Intrapersonal communication

Simply put, this is how you communicate with yourself or self-talk. What do you say to yourself in a certain situation? Do you encourage or shame yourself when you make a mistake?

Also, this form of communication involves how you perceive yourself in your given environment. Do you think of yourself as more of a leader or a follower? Do you get easily affected by a negative environment?

Self Talk is a form of interpersonal communication.

Self-talk is a form of interpersonal communication.

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Interpersonal communication

On the other hand, interpersonal communication is the exchange of ideas between two or more people. This is when you express thoughts and emotions verbally or non-verbally.

When it comes to interpersonal communication, we don’t talk only about the message but the gestures and facial expressions as well.

Interpersonal communication

Interpersonal Communication

Intra-Inter communication

This is a complete communication process. It starts out as intra – and then becomes interpersonal communication.

Let’s say you’re in a salon and you want to have a haircut. You need to first think about the kind of haircut you’d like, or you’d look good in (intra). Then you might ask the hairstylist her opinion or simply tell her what you want (inter). When she replies, you’ve completed the whole process (inter).

Intra - and Interpersonal communication

Intra – and Interpersonal communication

What is spiritual communication?

When it comes to the spiritual aspect of communication, we usually understand it from different perspectives. Some can interpret it as human connectivity while others may view it as human-divine connection. You can even add our connection to a meaning and purpose in life as something spiritual.

But the core of all these is that special feeling of connectedness through communication. Spirituality a universal human experience that goes beyond culture, religion, and thoughts. It also involves our spiritual health and well-being.

It’s when you feel alive and connected to a greater force that you want to do good or make something of your life.

This spiritual feeling penetrates your being, your work, and your life.

For instance, in the workplace, a person’s spiritual beliefs can affect interpersonal communication. When someone believes in God or a spiritual force, they want to be kind, loving, and inclusive of their workmates.

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Spirituality is a universal human experience that goes beyond culture, religion, and thoughts.

Spirituality is a universal human experience that goes beyond culture, religion, and thoughts.

Beyond Words

Sometimes communication can happen even without words or signals being given.

Have you ever thought of a friend and suddenly met him randomly on the street? Or, as you’re thinking about a song, your friend suddenly sings it out of the blue. It’s uncanny.

Ruper Sheldrake dives into this concept in his book, “The Sense of Being Stared At.”

But somehow, that can be one of the invisible threads that connect us to one another.

Moreover, psychic mediums may also tap into spiritual communication as they communicate with those who have passed on. Their high vibrations help them connect to the other side. Erica Lee, a world-renowned psychic medium (as featured on The Travel Channel in 9 different countries), says, “The more you’re able to engage in spiritual communication, the more easily you can communicate with others and your own inner being and most sacred hopes and desires.”

Harnessing Your Intuition

Another way we use spiritual communication is through intuition.

Intuition is gut-feeling or sixth sense. It’s when you have that unshakeable feeling about something that may not have a logical reason.

Researcher and psychology professor Seymour Epstein defines intuition plainly as “a sense of knowing without knowing how one knows.”

It’s like when you’re a parent, and you can tell that something’s off with your child.

Yes, you just know it.

And it’s important when you need to make quick decisions in life and business. In a study on the intuition levels of CEOs, Professor John Milahasky found that 81% of those with high intuition scores doubled their business income in 5 years.



Now, how do you harness intuition to your advantage?

Let me cite a few tips you can use:

First, observe physical bodily cues. Sometimes, you can readily notice how your body reacts to certain decisions.

When a decision makes you feel expansive and in high spirits, that’s worth listening to. If an alternative makes you feel restricted, might be best to avoid going that route.

Next, take note of those aha moments.

Those moments of insight can be used as data when encountering a similar situation. They become little life lessons that can guide you in making good decisions.

Next, practice being still. When you have all those thoughts in your head, or what we call a monkey mind, you’d have a hard time listening to that inner voice.

You can use mindfulness and meditation to tune in to your intuition. Read our blog on psychic exercises for better intuition to learn more. 

So, if you want to develop your intuition more and boost your spiritual health, Everybody in Mind Wellness Center has a wide array of meditation and mindfulness services such as Reiki, yoga, Somadome meditation, crystal bed therapy, Roxiva, and Ajna light meditation that could help. Additionally, booking a session in-person or online for a psychic medium reading or an intuitive tarot reading, oracle card reading, are all ways to connect to intuition and potentially activate spiritual communication channels.