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If you’re looking for crystals that support romantic love and emotional balance, you’ve come to the right spot. We’ll share the best crystals for heart chakra you need to add to your collection. 

As you might know, chakra is the energy center in your body. According to this Indian energy system, when a chakra is blocked, you might experience physical or emotional issues associated with that specific chakra.

The heart chakra, also known as Anahata in Sanskrit, is the core of our emotional energy. It’s where love, trust, empathy, compassion, and your connection to others thrive. 

Now, a blocked heart chakra can manifest in different ways. When you have an overactive heart chakra, you might lose personal boundaries and become codependent. On the other hand, with an underactive heart chakra, you’d feel lonely, shy, and suspicious.

At this point, chakra stones and other energy-healing techniques can help.

Ready to know more about the crystals that resonate with the heart chakra?

Crystals for the Heart Chakra

As you’ll notice, a number of them are green crystals. It’s because this vibrant color is mostly associated with the fourth chakra. 

crystals for the heart chakra

Crystals for the heart chakra

Rose Quartz Crystal for Heart Chakra

This pink stone is probably one of the most popular crystals for the heart chakra. Rose quartz, also called the crystal of unconditional love, doesn’t only support romantic love but it’s also good when you need emotional healing.

rose quartz crystal for heart chakra

Rose quartz crystal for heart chakra

Green Aventurine 

Typically light to medium green in color, green aventurine is a wonderful crystal for luck and opportunity. As for its association with the heart chakra, it’s helpful for releasing negative emotions and boosting your emotional well-being.

When you feel annoyed or upset, you can simply hold this heart chakra stone in your hand and relax. It’s also a good meditation stone.


Another green crystal to balance your heart chakra is emerald. This “stone of successful love”  is perfect for handling matters of the heart as it represents harmony, compassion,  and universal love. In addition, it encourages you to trust in your own heart and be more authentic.

And did you know that it may increase psychic intuition when you hold it over the third eye chakra? 

emerald for heart chakra

Emerald for heart chakra

Amazonite Crystal for Heart Chakra

If you feel troubled, annoyed, or pessimistic and you want to connect to your heart center, you can also use amazonite, a.k.a. Amazon stone. This crystal may help clear your doubts and fears and instill hope that something good will happen after all your efforts. 

Moreover, it stimulates the throat chakra to help you communicate well, especially during tense situations.

Amazonite crystal for heart chakra

Amazonite crystal for the heart chakra

Green Jasper Crystal for Heart Chakra

Ancient people used green jasper to bring rain and protect themselves from evil spirits. Today, this crystal helps you attune to your environment and connects you to nature. That’s why people have called it the “Peace Love Crystal.”

It’s a good stone to have when you’re high-strung as it can help you calm down and regain balance.

As for your heart space, it opens your heart to new love or new relationships. 

green jasper crystal for heart chakra

green jasper crystal for heart chakra

Moss Agate 

If you’ve suffered from heartbreak, moss agate is one crystal you might want to get your hands on. This lovely green crystal may help turn your pain into inner strength, allowing you to move on and foster new relationships.

Moreover, it can help you in grounding yourself since it’s connected to the root chakra.

moss agate crystal for heart chakra

Moss agate crystal for heart chakra

Green Jade for Heart Chakra

Last but not least, we have green jade. Aside from attracting good luck, you can count on this crystal to radiate loving energy and self-acceptance. It can also encourage you to be more mature and honest in your relationships.

green jade for heart chakra

Green jade for heart chakra

Crystal Healing and Chakra Alignment

When all your chakras are balanced, energy flows smoothly through your body. However, with the stress of everyday life, one or more of your chakras may inevitably become blocked.

To learn more about how crystals can help restore balance, read up on our beginner’s guide to crystal healing or visit our online store.

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