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Whether it’s a sudden loud noise in the next room or your favorite music on the radio, sound has a profound impact on the way you feel. And how energy flows through your energy centers—your chakras. In this post, we’ll talk about how to use sound healing for chakras.

How do chakras relate to sound healing?

Sound therapy has been shown by research to improve mood and well-being.  

Now, if there’s one thing you need to remember before diving in, it’s that when your 7 main chakras are in balance, you’re more likely to feel healthy and at peace. The good news is, that there are several sound healing techniques you can use to achieve this!

To use sound healing for chakras, you need to tune in to specific points. So, place one or two hands on these areas and notice how the sound affects it:

How to  Use Sound Healing For Chakras

You can use several instruments and mantras to balance your primary chakras. 

Let’s talk about each one, shall we?


Root Chakra

Root Chakra

When it comes to the physical body, your root chakra relates to the hips, knees, legs, and feet.
On the other hand, emotionally speaking, it’s associated with feeling safe and grounded. 

Gongs and drums are the instruments most suited to generating the deeper tones typically associated with the root chakra. Tibetan and crystal bowls with a lower tuning can also assist open this chakra. Make sure to listen to them on the root frequency of 432 Hz.

To activate this chakra, you can chant “Lam” or “Nam Lam” for between three and eleven minutes while playing one of the instruments mentioned or listening to a recording


Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Physically speaking, your sacral chakra affects the reproductive system. Spiritually and emotionally, it’s about sensuality, creativity, and “being in the flow.”

Like the root chakra, you can use gongs, drums, lower-toned Tibetan, and crystal bowls to activate this chakra. By the way, the sacral chakra frequency to use is 480 Hz.

As for the mantras, you can repeatedly chant “Vam” or “Mam Vam.”


Solar Plexus Chakra


Your stomach and digestive system relate to this chakra on a physical level. Meanwhile, the spiritual aspect is about your personal power, confidence, and self-worth.

To balance your energy from the Solar Plexus Chakra, go for mid-range crystal and Tibetan singing bowls while chanting “Ram” and “Sim Ram.” The frequency for this chakra is 528 Hz.


Heart Chakra


As you probably know, the Heart Chakra is about love and emotional connections. You may experience heartache, guilt, or isolation when it’s out of balance.

For this chakra, you might want to use higher-toned crystal and Tibetan bowls and tuning forks on the heart chakra frequency, 594 Hz. Chanting “Yam” or “Vam Yam” is good for this energy center.


Throat Chakra


Communication, self-expression, and speaking your truth falls on the realm of your throat chakra. 

To heal your throat chakra using sound, go for 528 Hz and higher-pitched singing bowls and wind chimes. Even singing your heart out helps! 

If you want to use mantras, try “Ham” or “Ham Yam.”


Third Eye Chakra


Located between your eyebrows in the third eye chakra, which is associated with intuition, inner wisdom, imagination, and decision-making. 

You can use sound to heal this chakra by listening to bells, wind chimes, and high-pitched singing bowls on the third eye frequency, 720 Hz. Also, you can chant “Om” and “Shiva Om.”


Crown Chakra


The seventh chakra, it’s for connecting your consciousness to universal wisdom. When your crown chakra is balanced, you have clarity and attain spiritual growth.

Musical instruments such as wind chimes and tingshas on the crown chakra frequency (768 Hz)work well to open this chakra. You can chant “Swaha” to balance the crown chakra.

Chakra Sounds

Chakra Sounds

Aligning Your Chakras

Besides using sound healing for chakras, there are other ways to align your chakras, such as yoga, meditation, reiki, and Crystal Bed therapy

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